I remember doing the papers… good times.

anybody really know whats going on down there in the curculation department ?
my son delivers papers and we pick them up other wise we dont get them till late.
they seem to go through assistances often .
that curculation manager seems to be one brick short of a load, i heard she got her assistant fired yesterdayand now has set her sights on two of the longest working people there what gives with that place ?  they keep the nut jobs and let the rest go…

We used to deliver the papers about 1 year ago, it worked great, then for some unknown reason last Sept 2007 things started to go wrong. Papers were not getting to our house till 7 or 8 at night. We would go and try and pick up the papers and it was a real hassle. Trying to straighten out the bills was crazy, I would get one list, and went my kids and I would go to collect, the people were adamant that they had paid for the whole year. Back down to the paper, and after about an hour, they would say, just mark them off your list. We are still getting a bill from my sons last month. I won’t pay it as I keep telling them, no one paid us because they showed me their receipts for paying for a year … ARRGH.  That really stinks that the long time employees are getting the boot.  I would rather get the Northern View seems to be as much in it and its free!

I do not work there or deliver papers anymore but i have heard rumors of the daily news going on strike because the contract ran out in july. and if they go out i iwll be a long strike. can anyhbody confirm that

Here’s one for you:

The Round Table on Forestry met here Monday.
At square plastic tables made in China.


Yes, I know I’m reviving an old thread, but I noticed the ad I was talking about was in Friday’s paper. 

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Tentative agreements were reached yesterday for the nine remaining Glacier certifications in the Interior of B.C.
The agreements cover units in Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Prince Rupert, Trail, Nelson and Cranbrook.
As with the Okanagan agreements reached last week, all these deals have the same wage improvements of 2.5% (retroactive), 2.5%, 2.5% and 3% plus other improvements.

From the CEP website:
mediaunion.ca/bulletins/arch … ng_updates

Guess we’ll be paying more for our ads :cry:
Or more if we subscribed :smiley:

Considering the lack of ads in the paper most days i dont think that will be the solution for the daily

I hear the Daily has another publisher coming. It’ll be interesting to see the direction this one will take the paper.

Staff at the Daily News had grins from ear to ear today, dancing in the alley, singing “the wicked witch is gone!”  Planning her going away party for the day after she’s gone!  Wonder if the folks who have quit lately will come back.  Apparently it’s been a pretty toxic atmosphere to work it and union staff had threatened to not sign the new contract until some changes were made.