How to become a millionare in prince rupert

I think this ideas sits on everyones mind,how to get a head in life when its
so hard out there to make ends meet.First of all we need to change the mind set
of how people think there is just to much no this no that,to become wealthy in
a small town with limited re soures becomes challenging but that isn’t a bad thing
my friend became a millionare when he was 25 years old his theory was you must
stay focused and move forward with a positive attitude .prince Rupert has great
potential of createing many young millionares and this tread will allow people out
there to share there ideas on how to get there.

What about one such idea from you for a starter or are you just fishing around for some?

how about selling a new and improved typing tutor that corrects spelling and grammar?

Selling ajaye’s affirmations for a dollar a thought, seems like a sure fire way to be a millionaire based on volume alone.

  how about, everyone send me 10 bucks each, and when I reach one million, then it’s your turn  :smiley:  :imp:  :sunglasses:  okay start now…

No problem…will you take a cheque?  :smiley:

  heh heh … it’s in the mail right Hitest…

Yeah…of course it is in the mail;-)

i think you might be onto something here  :-D

 hey…back off … I thought of it first… come on people, trust me I will send you yours…  and ajaye, your double down, just cause

M…mmmmm, the whole thing sounds like a pyramid scheme  :smiley:

This is why we are were we are,until you change your mind set you will be
part of that group that just dreams and lives pay check to pay check,may
be you just want to sit on your butt and drink beer and watch TV.When the
dragons den comes they properly say were the hell are we,they may need
to go to India or china were people want to improve there life style.

How to become a millionaire in Prince Rupert:

  1. Kidnap ajaye46
  2. Sell him to his most feared man from Sun Wave as slave
  3. ? ? ? ?
  4. PROFIT!!!

yea they improved their lifestyle by moving here lol. if you think theres so many ways to make money here enlighten us  :smiley:

I gave at the office…

I sense that your life is in a rut ajaye46, it looks like you want to change your condition and therefore you’re dreaming out loud of better days.  Many of us are doing just fine however doing an honest day’s work and enjoying the fruits of our labour. 
Being a ‘millionaire’ is highly overrated anyway…a million isn’t what it used to be.

What about bottling Prince Rupert’s pure rain forest water and peddling it in some of the US arid States.

Import/exports (cocaine mostly). That’s my plan

I would like someone from prince Rupert to make the Forbes list,wouldn’t
that be something?

Yes, that would be totally Forbulous