Hot knifing

Here is another way of smoking the herb: hot knifing. I have never tried it myself, but lots of people say it’s nicer than smoking weed in joints or pipes. I guess I really should try this once in the near future…
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Here’s the run-down on Knifing as I know it…

You will need:

  • A house without parents (unless they smoke up too).

  • A stovetop range, electric (spiral element) or gas; those fancy-assed glass/ infrared hightech deals are useless are far as smoking is concerned. The hotter, the better. A propane torch works great, but not everyone has a torch.

-Two flat knives (ordinary butter knives like the ones you use at the dinner table). Bone handles are really nice, because they don’t get hot, but I’ve never had bone handled knives in my house so don’t worry if you can’t find any. Some knife handles get really hot (too hot), it all depends on the metal allow… don’t worry about it unless they burn your hands. Heating the knives ruins them (as far as Mom is concerned), so you can’t put them back into the drawer afterwards! Steal them and keep them. Hide them well, too; I’ve never been able to think of a gook excuse keeping two burnt knives under my mattress! Mom’s are great at finding stuff they’re not supposed to see.

  • you might want to make a cone by cutting a 2 liter Pepsi (or Coke, of Spite, of whatever) clear plastic bottle. Keep the top part… you stick the part where the cap screwed on in your mouth (no cap, of course…). It helps to funnel ALL the smoke into your mouth. Quite handy. I suggested clear plastic bottle because they’re easy to find (those DO exist in Belgium, right?), easy to cut, and the clear plastic means that you can see what you’re doing with the knives under the cone. If you cut the cone so that its really long (use most of the bottle), you can let all the smoke accumulate in the cone and suck it all up in ONE HUGE BREATH!!!.. but you just might start coughing till you puke if this is your first time smoking. Just keep this as an option for when you become an “expert” (hee hee).

  • Hash (of course), or some fresh gummy buds; hash is easier at first.

Do you have all your equipement ready? Good! Now for the meat of the matter:

Turn the burner on; set it to MAX. The element must be red hot. This is important; if the element isn’t hot enough, the hash won’t stick to the knives. Prop the tips of the knives up between the last two “rings” of the element’s spiral (if you own an electric range). They will hold by themselves if you do it right. The funny little diagram below is an effort to show what both knives usually look like when they’re sitting there heating up on an electric element. Let me know if you can’t figure out what I mean.

If the range doen’t seem to want to get super hot, try putting a metal spoon over the tips of the knives while they heat; it reflect heat and can help the knives get hotter. For a gas range, just hold the tips over the flames till they’re red hot; same if you’re using a torche.

You now have to take the hash and break it up into little balls. For starters (if you’re alone), make about five or ten balls of about 2 to 3 mm diameter.

Line up the little balls on the stovetop next to the element where you are heating the knives.

When the knives are ready, stick the cone between your teeth, and take both knives in your hands.


Take one of the knives and touch the flat part of the tip (say, about 1 cm from the end of the knife) down on one of the balls of hash (do you speak French? On appelle ca des petits “plombs” en francais). DON’T SQUISH THE HASH! Just touch it VERY LIGHTLY and it should stick to the knife and lift off of the stove top. This may take some practice, and won’t work every time. If a “petit plomb” won’t stick after about five or ten seconds of screwing around with it, put the knives back under the element and heat them again. Try again. Picture wetting the end of your finger and picking up a bread crumb from a tabletop… just lightly touch and lift. The trick is that there is actually only a very small surface of the hash ball that touches the hot knife, so it doesn’t smoke and burn yet. Hey, you did it! Good.


Now you can get stoned! Get ready… Take both knives and “swish” the hash between the hot tips. The hash will IMMEDIATELY start to smoke, so you do this directly under the cone (which is held between your teeth). Inhale, and voila! You may have a coughing fit, this can be a little harsh on the throat for some people. If you can tell that you’re going to cough, try to blow out all your smoke before you do this. Coughing up smoke will make you cough some more! You might cough for five minutes straigh if your throat is really sensitive; don’t worry, you’re not going to die or anything. You actually get really stoned when you cough like hell… I never quite figured out why. If you can hold your breath without coughing, hold it as long as you can; you’ll get higher that way.

Heat the knives, and start all over. This is great fun with a friend… ONE FOR ME, ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME… Lots of fun. When you smoke a joint, it’s all over in five minuter, but with knives you can keep smoking, and smoking, and smoking… :smile:. You eventually get so high that you either don’t feel like smoking anymore, or you just keep forgetting what it is you were doing. If you’re with a friend you’ll probably giggle yourself silly!

That’s it…


…You’ve never heard of hot knifing? sighs and shakes his head Kids these days.

I have everything but the hash. Where can one find this so called hash?

TranscendingRationality wrote:

No, no no no…NO! I am educating some folks for Spring Break!

Hot Knifing for 12 years now!!! :unamused:

I guess he’s going to give us instructions on how to shot gun a beer next.

Meowth, could you teach me how to shoot heroin, or how to cut cocaine too?

And I’ll just add that to my “Useless knowledge I’ll never use” pile.

How about, HOW TO: Skin people 1000 differant ways?

No thanks.

Awe, come on now, I’m Principle Skinner!

My kids told me it’s called “blades”, only old hippies like me call it ‘hot knifing’… :confused:

I call it hot knifing and im only 24 does that make me an old hippie? :confused:

How much powder should I use when making a refreshing glass of iced tea? I either make it too lean or too rich, any tips? I had the same problem with chocolate milk, thankfully I usually got the syrup which seemed easier to perfect.

Your kids jus changed the name cuz they don’t want to admit that the only time they’re really cool is when they do the stuff we not only did first, but did much, much better than they do.

I’m surprised that, when they smoke pot from a pipe, they haven’t changed “pipe” to “gun” or “cannon” or something else that sounds somewhat menacing.

haha, my pal bought a plastic soccer ball and made a nice soccer bong. It works great! :smiley:

I heard that hot knifing is pretty bad for your brain… like nasal smoke inhalation enters the frontal lobe area and leaves carbon deposits or something.

[quote=“America’s Finest News Source”]Kent State Basketball Team Massacred By Ohio National Guard In Repeat Of Classic 1970 Matchup

March 16, 2006 | Onion Sports

KENT, OH—History and tragedy repeated themselves on the Kent State campus Thursday as 12th-seeded MAC champion Kent State Golden Flashes were decimated in front of a chanting, screaming home crowd by the superior offensive firepower and tactical game plan of the fifth-seeded Ohio National Guard in the very first round of this year’s NCAA tournament.
Enlarge ImageKent State

“It was an absolute bloodbath,” said Kent State head coach Jim Christian, who said he was “still in shock” from the on-court massacre. “We certainly weren’t ready for what happened out there… It seemed like one minute we were getting ready to square off, and the next they were just taking shot after shot. They kept shooting all day long, and we just couldn’t defend against them out there.”

“It was like they couldn’t miss,” said senior forward Kevin Warzynski. “They were taking shots from the lane, shooting from the perimeter, everywhere… We left it all on the floor, but they just killed us out there tonight.”

“You never think something like this is going to happen,” said Warzynski. “It was a disgrace. It’s going to be a long time before we recover from this shameful performance.”

Some observers have speculated that the National Guard squad began shooting aggressively in response to Kent State sniper Jay Youngblood, the student-athlete they believed to be the most dangerous on the court. Official stats reveal that the National Guard took an unusually high 67 shots in the first minute alone.

At press time, the National Guard staff was refusing to comment in depth on its part in what the press, players, and public alike are calling “an atrocity.”

“My men were just doing what they were trained to do,” said National Guard adjutant coach Bobby Canterbury. “You can’t blame them. If the other guys get blown away, well, then we’re doing our job.”

Kent State players and fans alike began the night with an optimistic attitude, having clinched the MAC conference championship and its automatic tournament bid just the previous Saturday. In the days leading up to the contest, there was little mention of the possible historical impact of the first meeting between the two rivals in over 30 years.

“Yeah, I remember the loss we suffered to the Ohio National Guard in 1970—everyone does,” said Kent State sports-information director Jeff Schaefer Thursday night, referring to the annihilation at the hands of the Guard that spawned the still-popular stadium anthem “Ohio.” “That catastrophic defeat was more than an important moment in sports history—it was a seminal moment in American history. And now it’s happened again.”

“I was only a kid when that happened, but I still knew that performance was a national disgrace,” said Kent State student and basketball fan Lori Klaus, who was seated close to the action in the student section and was wounded when an opposing shooting guard charged into the stands to fight for possession. “I was trying not to think about it when I came tonight. You think something like that can’t happen anymore, but… I guess now I’m part of history, too.”

“Why?” Klaus asked those around her. “Why did they do this?”[/quote]

Thats a like an old flashback, so I turn on my Hacking the Main Frame after being away for awhile and I see some talking going on about Hotknifing as if this is something new and then I see the name Kent State, now there was some bad trouble there when we were learning about Hot knives, a lot of innocent people got shot there. Come to think of it I even burned my lips around that time.

Old is when you remember when bongs were called a “derders”, cuz you used a toiletpaper roll for one and that’s what little kids said when they stuck them in their mouth and ran around…
Old is when you remember what a “lid” is…
Old is remembering someone who liked to ‘eat the roach’…
Old is when you called Ecstacy 'DA… and snorted it (owwwww!)
Old is remembering how many gulps of GrapeJack it took to wash down a peyote button…
Old is Electric Koolaid, sugar cubes, Mr Natural and Ice9…
Old is when you picked mushrooms when they were still legal…

Sweet! I’m not old… cuz I have no idea about any of that.