Homework Help ( foods eight )

.1) What are two ways eggs will go tough and rubbery.
.2) What are eggs used for in baking.
.3) What is milk used for in baking.

  1. overcooking them
  2. breakfest
  3. for baking stuff

over cooking will make the eggs tough and rubbery
Eggs are used as a binding agent to hold ingredients together.
Not sure about the milk thing.  :smiley:

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”].2) What are eggs used for in baking.

  • concieving future bakers

Best ever.

Vinegar also makes eggs go rubbery.

Eat 12 pickled eggs.
Wash down with Ricards Red.
Rent bellhop uniform and find elevator.
Pick up guests in lobby.
Push out bodies on top floor.

Eggs perform more than 20 different functions, enabling bakers to eliminate the use of additives or additional ingredients. Those functions include the abilities to add color, coagulate, emulsify and add texture to bakery foods. Using eggs in bakery food formulas will simplify bakery foods’ ingredient labels.


what scares me is I remember that homework assignment :neutral_face:

What’s even scarier is the fact that the original question was asked back in June.

I never took foods 8.  I took foods 12 in grade 9 though.  I guess they figured fat kids already knew how to cook  :imp:

has anyone thought about this for a sec, I mean would you eat an aborted baby embryo,  couse realy thats what you are doing when you eat eggs…I love eggs but I always think that when I’m eating them…LOL… anyone else think about that when there eating there sunny side up breakfast?

I’m sure if people had been eating them for years and it was publicly acceptable because they didn’t think twice… then sure, eating something like that might not be as disgusting as we all think. 

But you think about that when you eat eggs? :neutral_face:  Maybe you should read the paper or watch tv while you eat them instead.

When I eat any meat, I think of baby seals getting the shit clubbed out of him.

Or chickens getting their necks wrung out just before getting the mix of seven herbs and spices or is it eleven? That horrilbe thought usually turns to the horror of the thought “Did I just pay for this?”

When I worked on the rigs in the summer, I had a Newfie on my crew, who was super stoked about the clubbin’. He lots of good photos of him running down the ice with his seal smasher in hand.

Eggs are delicious. I’ve had days in school here where I’ve consumer 8 fried egg sandwiches over the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: eggs are a winner.

Probably better not to think about such things, or else you’ll end up like Marian McAlpin in The Edible Woman.

That’s the problem, they don’t know how to cook!

If they knew how to cook they would surely eat healthier and be more fit.

Try slicing an egg plant in half, cutting out most of the guts and filling it with cut up onions, mushrooms, chives, sour creme and topping it off with a cooked ground meat of some sort.  Bake in the oven while you ride your bike for 20 minutes.  High fives!

y’all can put you mind at ease cause eggs purchased in the Grocery Store are not “embryo” … although there are some exotic stores that sell fertilized eggs.

The shame about eggs is only that those poor hens are forced to sit in small pens instead of being allowed to range freely cause farmers are too damn lazy to walk around pickin’ them up.

y’all can put you mind at ease cause eggs purchased in the Grocery Store are not “embryo” … although there are some exotic stores that sell fertilized eggs. [/quote]

I think you’ll find it’s just the opposite.

Most commercially-produced eggs are indeed fertilized, though there are some ‘exotic’ (as you call them) producers that will sell NON-fertilized eggs.

Commercially produced eggs won’t grow into larger embryos, despite being fully fertilized simply because they are kept refrigerated. That’s what wikipedia says anyway.

Yummy and gross at the same time.