Home owner awakes to find burglar in their house

On January 10, 2012 at 4:45 am Prince Rupert RCMP responded to yet another residential break and enter, this time in the 800 block of Ritchie St.


Released again…Thanks judge

It’s the law…


Read the article carefully. They charged him with breach of probation, not B&E. If you sent everyone to jail charged with breach of probation, we’d have a jail in every city.

I realize it is the law. I just find it rather disheartening. I should have said…thanks law but figured most people would understand what I may have meant. I am tired of the break and enters in my area and others. I lock my doors routinely but I assure you that if I were to slip tonight someone would enter. That’s just how often we are being checked on. I also am in a place where I fully understand that we can not hold for breaches alone. I suppose it’s more about frustration than anything.

The local RCMP have been doing thier part in catching the culprits, it is the judges that keep releasing these criminals, something has to change with this aspect of the judicial system.

So the part where the RCMP mention to remain vigilant , does that allow us to beat the shit out of the individual , break his or her fingers , then call in the RCMP . There was a BIG individual back in Ont. who said , if you catch someone in your house doing a B & E , kill them because the son of a bitch will sue you later for hurting them . I say you invite friends over and just lay a serious one on the culprit .

How many times before someone does something that will have THEM charged?This same person, who we all know who it is,has done this close to 30 times that we know of.Enough is enough.We are the prisoners in our own homes.We need a new judge to look at this!Put her out to pasture!

So you think that the judge should find a person guilty of a crime he hasn’t been accused of? Sounds good.

If you are so certain this is the right person, and you have the evidence to back it up, go file the charges yourself. You must know something the police doesn’t. You’d be doing the community a favour.

I don’t think they are talking about this particular incident. This person has been known to do these things often. We were warned upon his release that he is highly likely to reoffend. People have even seen him running out of their homes but for some reason he gets away with it. I do not blame the RCMP at all, they respond quickly and do what they can.
The recent break ins are not just this individual though. When we had someone enter our home at the end of December it was not “that guy” who most suspect.
One day this person will get what is due to them. The citizens of Prince Rupert are frustrated at best.

The thing about running is you often trip over unseen objects. You could even tragically fall into oncoming traffic. Just sayin.

Yeah, a couple of years ago we had another incident. Some guy was trying to get into our home. My husband called the RCMP and let him know that the guy took a tumble while running away and was probably bleeding.

If he/she finds their way into my home, they will be pleasantly met by a large dog who hears all. Just Saying…

Sorry MIG,you are waaaay of base,it not the police who are not doing their job,it is the judge!!!This person was a juvie till last Aug…is a supposed fas kid and has a social worker etc,so I guess we as the judges actions would indicate,are just supposed to live with it!

So you honestly think a judge should find a person guilty of something he hasn’t been charged with? Really?

If the kid is so bad, and you have more evidence than the police (they didn’t charge him), then you should seriously go down and lay the charges yourself.

But to somehow expect a judge to throw a person in jail for a crime that he hasn’t been charged with is “waaaay of base” (isn’t that a Swedish pop band from the '90s?)

Mig : If that person or idiot was an adult and went against the probation order , he or she would buy more time . So just because he is still a teen punk , why should the judge not teach him or her a lesson about reality ? All these so called changes to the criminal code , when do they go into action . When I was a Juvenile delinquent , I sure had to pay for my bullshit actions . That probably why I am a NICE QUIET LAW RESPECTING ADULT…lol

This person everyone is talking about… are you so sure he’s still a youth?

He is now an adult,as of last aug,check out the court registry to see what charges he is facing.The police can not lay the charge,they make a recommendation to crown council.

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