So who won the hockey game tonite ?????

Kitimat 4-1  :frowning:

played a shitty 2nd period  , couldnt pass at all yea disapointing

How was the “Elvis” show before the game? Gary Coons was to be the man himself :sunglasses:

Some photos.  Good game.  The fries are awesome.

Dunno about this guy.

Brilliant!!  Looks like all had fun…Good job Gary :smiley:

Oh my… that was Gary Coons??

That explains everything!  lol

There were some other great ‘Elvis Performers’ including this one

I have to say I enjoyed watching the kids more than the adults!

And this little one could skate circles around every player on the Kitimat team.

And the chicken fingers and fries for $5 are quite good.

So Go Rampage!

Lazy, can’t pass, can’t hold on to the puck, won’t shoot when they should, bad powerplay, weak defense, poor positioning. They did everything wrong. If only they took more shots, that’s how opportunities are generated. They were quite lucky the goalie was there, it could have been a total blowout.

They had it close in the first period, at least. The awful Elvis show jinxed them.

I’m not sure about the last period but first period shots were 6/17 and second period shots were 7/17. We have a really good goalie.

Correctomundo on all counts.

I’d like to see you do better.  Have you ever played hockey? 

I do disagree that they’re not trying.

Standing next to the bench every game I see the guys come back after playing a hard shift beat but ready to go give it their all on the next shift. They cheer on and defend their mates and give it their best. I think saying they’re lazy isn’t fair.

Their game might need work but it’s because they’re a new team, not because they’re not trying.

I can’t skate but watching them and even the little kid figure skaters makes me wish I had a bit of talent that way.

Luck has nothing to do with the goalie being there, its an actual position in hockey!

lol good response chiefdave.  :smiley: