Hitchhiker leaps to safety from moving van

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[quote]A hitchhiker says she jumped out of a moving van on Christmas Eve as it slowed to cross a bridge in B.C. when the man who picked her up made her uncomfortable, and now police in New Hazelton are looking for the driver.

Police said Thursday evening that a red minivan picked the woman up in the Kispiox area at around 12:30 p.m. PT on Monday.[/quote]

cbc.ca/news/canada/british-c … -jump.html

That is very creepy that the guy refused to pull over when she asked him to do (I hope she did not injure herself jumping from the window). Perhaps this might be a break for the RCMP.

A better move would have been to NOT hitchhike at all…with all of the murders of women hitchhiking the Highway of Tears, you would think that would be enough to STOP girls from hitchhiking in this area.

Serious lapse of judgement!

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**The driver is described as:

A white man.
Between 40 and 50 years old.
Grey hair.
Wearing a jean jacket and dark brown glasses. **

Anyone with information is asked to call the RCMP in New Hazleton or Crime Stoppers.

Another article, The Vancouver Sun.

Vancouver Sun

wow theres enough warning signs along the highway…

wtf cant people realize how dangerous it is…

no license plate???..asshole making the place a very ugly amongst the beautiful scenery

Come on, haven’t you realized that the majority of people are now stupid all the way down to their bones?
Np classroom full of kids who point at you and gel DUHHHHH!!! because that’s not NICE. No parents or teachers to tell you to use your fucking brain, so you never do.
Just read about someone with adult children who didn’t know the properties of alcohol and managed to burn the house down with a fondue.
Another who survived being crushed when ‘her foot accidentally slipped off the brake’ at a drive-thru. Musta had a different transmission than every other minivan in the world with no P for PARK.
shit, I make a living on people so goddam stupid they drive four hours in the snow to save $5 on an antivirus and then pay me cuz they have no idea how to install it.
And we can’t talk either. How many of us geeks are paying for premium Internet, TV boxes and connectors and Netflix fees and thinking how much better it is than paying for cable or renting a movie?

It’s really easy to say “don’t do it, Stupid!” but when you have no other choices…i don’t think it’s fair to chastise that person.
I’m glad she escaped and yes, I hope this does shed some light on the danger that is highway 16 and hitchhiking

I hope this recent incident encourages people to stop hitch hiking along highway 16.

How about we catch the criminals instead of blaming the victims?

Hopefully one day the RCMP will catch the criminals.

B.C. Highway of Tears: RCMP accused of not taking women’s disappearances seriously

well until the person picking her up actually does something wrong that person is not a criminal,even if caught all the police can do is question him and let him go. His defence would be saw her hitchhiking and offered her a ride. So yes it was the girls fault in the first place for hitchhiking, doesn’t anyone read the papers, or watch the news about the highway of tears? don’t parents in this region tell their kids about the dangers of hitchhiking? who knows maybe the person was out to do her harm but then again maybe he wasn’t.

I will be very curious to hear his explanation as to why he refused to pull over his van.

If you made it a $10,000 offence and people still do that, then it’s fair.

Saying that you have no other choice but to hitchhike is a poor excuse. How many criminal cases and “Highway of Tears/Don’t Hitchhike” billboards do we need to encourage people not to do that?

No Choice? How could anyone possibly have no choice but to hitch hike? Give me an example of “no choice but to hitch hike”

Sure, hitchhiking isn’t a good idea. Death shouldn’t be the punishment, though.

We shouldn’t remove the responsibility for the deaths of these women from the murderers and blame the women instead. You shouldn’t die because you made a bad decision concerning transportation.

What I don’t understand is. With all of the negativity surrounding hitch hiking, why would a woman in her right mind, or even a woman not in her right mind, decide to take that risk? I agree, the responsibility of the deaths shouldn’t be taken out of the killers hands, but if there were no women hitch hiking, there would be no hitch hiking related deaths, would there?

Well, if nobody walked along the road, there would be ‘walking along the road’ related deaths. Same rationale, isn’t it? And yes, some of the women who have disappeared were just walking, not hitchhiking.

So I hope you don’t walk anywhere, because if you do and something happens to you, it’s your own fault, right?

Hitch hiking on Highway 16 is a dangerous venture. Someone who chooses to do so may not be making a rational decision. We do not know the motivation of each hitch hiker who decides to hitch a ride up or down the Skeena (I too find it incomprehensible that anyone would hitch a ride along 16). MiG makes a good point in that we should not place blame on the victims of crimes (we have not walked in their shoes).
However, we should focus our attention on catching the person or persons who are hunting women, and encourage the RCMP to allocate adequate resources to identify suspects.

Yeah, I guess my reaction to this particular incident was “shit, I hope they catch this guy!” instead of “what the heck was she doing hitchhiking?”

Yes, hitchhiking isn’t a good idea. But it shouldn’t be punishable by death.

Also, if there’s one thing that TV has taught me it’s that a good way to catch these guys is to dress up a female officer as a hitchhiker, with a radio, etc. and have them be picked up by the killer. But I know TV isn’t reality, and in reality investigations don’t take 30 minutes.