I am looking for some good hiking trails around Rupert. Walking up Wantage road is getting really boring and Butze isnt really a hiking trail. I want some trails that would have some nice view points that takes atleast a couple hours on a good day and is fairly close to town. Any ideas?
Also is there any clubs or anything that I can get into for hiking. All my friends are to lazy to come out with me and its no fun going out alone.

u evr taken the ferry and toured digby. or out at ridley secret garden there is neat. lots of neat places once u explore a bit

I assume you’ve walked Moresby Park, then north to waterfront under 2nd Ave. bridge. Then there’s McClymont Trail from the Rec Centre north to Atlin Fish?

I have walked along all trails within town limits numerous times. They are all really good fun trails but a bit short. The secret garden out at ridley; is that the old military bunkers? I am looking for more of a long trek. Also if anyone is going out for a day and wants someone to tag along I am good to go.

secret garden is about half way to ridley from the highway. its where people bury thier pets too.there is some trails from there going over water in some spots little more adventure involved :wink:

The Kiwanis Trail is closest to town - but is still only about a 40min hike.  The next closest would be the Tall Tree trail which has incredible views of Fern Passage/Denise Inlet and that hike takes a couple/few hours up and down. 
The next hikes would be out near Rainbow Summit…and there’s lots of goodies out there: Mt Blane, Ptarmigan Mountain, Skip Mountain, Lachmach, Fortune Lake, Green River Road, Work Channel.  Then further out the highway - about 1/2 way to Terrace are McLean and Polymar Mtns…lots of great hiking in the area!

Go to the public library and sign out the hiking book for this area (I can’t remember the name) but the librarian should know.  That is probably your best bet.

Maybe u just have the wrong friends, and you need to invest in some new ones that will go with u,

you can always walk the tracks to the oold forts

We used to have some great walking trails, more than now but unfortunately :unamused: the “great boom” obliterated the Superport hike which could be accessed from Kwinitsa through to BC Ferries, (if you lucked out on a day when the CN cops weren’t patrolling!) and then all the way down the tracks to the beach and the forts.  It was great on a rare sunny day!! Rushbrook was also a nice walk, preferably in the spring before the views are obstructed by the trees. Great huckleberry, blueberry and salmonberries through there. I would still walk it but it is a mess as the money allotted for it has disappeared? and it is overgrown now and probably not the safest walk to take… As far as the Tall Tree Trail, I don’t know if you can still access that one and it is a tough go on the best day. You have to be in pretty good shape! There is a nice one at Diana Lake if you have a vehicle to get there and the ones mentioned are above all nice too, if you have the means to get to them… Have fun, be safe and keep us posted as to what you find out there.

The book u want is called Hiking the Rainforest: Prince Rupert to terrace. It is a bit dated but most of the trails are still around. The library has it.

I’ve been on the one at Diana lake, it’s just across from where the picnic area is. It’s very mountianous, and muddy, and not kept at all, but it is an awesome hike with a glorious view of rainbow lake and such. Why not make trails yourself? Hike out to ridley beach and explore around there. I used to do that. It’s not like you can really get lost out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

  Be careful out at Ridley, I do believe they have No Trespass signs up and Big Brother is watching you.  It is the same as the access we once had to the huge expanse of beach on the way to the North Pacific Cannery, Great Spot, but as usual f----d up with whatever the hell they are doing there.!!  Anybody remember the trail? It used to big marked by the side of the road with a huge boulder…All gone :cry: Sure are a lot of “used to be’s” in this town…

I am sorry but I must take offence on that comment Used to Be’s. I almost feel insulted about that. maybe that is what all those Flashbacks are about.

There are a couple of guys in town who blazed a few hiking trails between here and Terrace a few years ago.  I’m not sure how public they want these to be but if you PM me I can point you in the right direction.

Has anyone travelled down Butze trail recently?  Is there much snow on the trail? 

Has anyone travelled down Butze trail recently?  Is there much snow on the trail? 
[/well when we hiked it last weekend there were alot of slippery spots which made it very hard to walk in places we had to walk in the brush in the side of slide on the ice other than that was a great hike nice to get on it first thing in the morning thats when it is not so busy quote][/quote]

Tall tree trail is across the highway from Butze rapids area - there is a metal gate and a road that goes up to the new roger’s cell tower… but at the bottom right near the gate you will see a few broken down looking boardwals and stairs… once you crawl through some of the damage that was created from falling the trees… it’s a nice trail that gets you some elevation and takes you beyond the easy walking of butze and the boring wantage rd…  the snow is basically gone now so well worth the effort… watch for bears though.

It used to be a good trip to hike out to the old forts, but with Phase 2 of the superport, it looks like the forts will be demolished.

That was a great hike out there…Really miss that one but you can’t even hike down to the BC ferry terminal now for fear of the CN “wanna-be cops” .There is a nice beach down there but what can ya do… :  Just had a great evening down by Rushbrook and Kwinitsa but bring your bug repellant…Yikes  !!

I hear ya very sad, there is however a alternative root from the grave yard to first fort.

its bit of a secret so don’t tell everyone…LOL