they may be knocking down the fort for phase 2 tho also

Yeah, Sailor already said that three posts ago.

I hear that if phase 2 goes ahead, they may have to knock down the old forts.

So, Mig, if I’m reading you correctly, what you’re saying is that, should Phase 2 go ahead, they might have to demolish the old forts?

You mean if the fort is gone, Phase 2 has started?

maybe they’ll use the old cannon placements for the commisionaires to guard  the port

Pretty soon they will keep us contained to the Big downtown and maybe with the mall so empty they will build a walking track for days when it is raining. Sorry I mentioned rain. With only one really new store the is a chance especially with the young punk of a manager whose daddy owns it.

because hes young and his dad owns it hes gonna fail? there is so much optimism in this town for everything going isnt there lol

What store is that?

hes talking about the mall manager

It would be a good idea if there was a biking trail between the old forts -first and second or a walking trail between them.  I guess Phase 2 will bury them instead.  Too bad. It is part of PR heritage.

is it possible for them to be relocated??? It is part of our history…maybe we can put them somewhere and charge tourists to look at them :smile: 

Um, why can’t it be classified as a historical site, then they can’t do anything up there???

Did something historic happen there?

been some good parties there  :smiley:

It had nothing to do with the fact that he is young but the guy has not yet found out how to deal with public and many merchants. He is a shoot from the hip kind of guy and that can cause trouble if you are inexperienced.

???? :confused:

Heard there is a group formed some months ago that is working with the Port and others to save the forts and have them designated heritage sights.  They will be looking at what funding is available federally and provincially. Will post contact information as it becomes available.

has anyone asked cityhall what their plans are for it?

thanks really good to know. they should give back something to the community… other then a few jobs…