Hey you, clean up your own snow!

So I’m browsing through the Snoozle on snowy Sunday night and I notice a timely little notice from the City.

The City’s sidewalk and clearing policy laid out in print for all of us to peruse at our leisure.

Beyond the usual edict for the local business class to clean off their sidewalk areas before twelve noon or face the wrath of the municipal ticket writer comes this little addition to the duties and responsibilities of the residents of Prince Rupert.

“The City of Prince Rupert is also asking for the cooperation of all owners/occupants in the residential areas in the removal of snow and ice from the city sidewalks fronting their property.”

Of course judging by the speed in which the city clears the streets around here, it probably makes sense, hell, by the time they might get around to clearing any sidewalks the snow will have long since melted…

So get out there folks, dont’ make Herb go door to door to chastise you… :unamused:


I think that’s a normal rule.  They seem to mention it on the news around here every time it snows.

Snow is an “act of god” There are insurances against property damage for Acts of god, The weather is an act of god, now we pay property taxes in this city, and I do believe a portion of money shouldn’t have went to Japan, or where ever it is, the councilor (s) went last summer but, no, Clean up your own snow, we spent the money already, OMFG, (thats friggin)

arent you supposed to clean up your own snow in most citys?

Who are you talking to when you say “Clean up your own snow”?  God; because it was his ‘act’? 

Don’t be lazy, grab a shovel and don’t get a ticket.

besides… youre still liable if your mailperson slips and breaks his or her leg walking up your walk.

Yep, it is always a good practice to salt your steps and get rid of the ice and snow.

City property is CITY PROPERTY, What happens on city property is their problem, if I have a leak in my water pipe, just inside my property line, it is my business to dig it up and repair it, so the same goes for snow removal, outside my property is city property, it is City’s job to block me in… which they do anyway

  besides, my mailbox is the edge of my property, the postman, doesn’t have to come onto my property…, the snow removal that they are talking about is for business’. “fronting their property”

having lived in much snowier parts of the country it is always a requirement that you clear your own sidewalk etc.

That being said, I’ve never been in a place where they just give up on plowing/salting the roads like they do here (with the possible exception of Vancouver, but it’s hard to drive a plow and sip a latte)

doesnt matter if its city property…
as far as i know… you are liable if someone slips and falls on the sidewalk in front of your house…
luckily im in a culdesac and i dont have to clear any snow off any sidewalks he he he

what is  up with all this snow anyways?

its them russians  :smiley:

LOL, no you don’t have to clear any snow off the sidewalks, however you may want to clear the street since cul de sacs are the last of the last of the streets to be cleared.

And if you notice, the cross street on the cul de sac gets cleared by plowing all the snow from it into the entrance of the cul de sac…

Now that’s planning! :wink: 

HEY, suppose I get all the credits!!!

“The residents of Prince Rupert are asking for the cooperation of the City of Prince Rupert in the residential areas in the removal of snow and ice from the city streets fronting their property.”

I don’t think the City can hold anybody to a higher standard than they hold themselves.  If they’re not going to be bothered to clear snow, then why should it insist that its residents do so?

Civic duty?  Maybe this http://xrl.us/77wv/snow will help you figure it out.

You want a re-direct…try this one you jackass.


Speaking of snow, Just a recall on a memory of a couple of years ago, we were sitting watching the television and all of a sudden our house got hit with a snowball, hard, my wife said it was just kids playing around, but, I ran to the door turned on the light and saw a couple of girls running away from the area,

Being suspicious, I decided to get dressed and follow them, I took my German shepherd for a short run, and caught up to the girls, and I stayed outta site but watched them, they only hit the houses with no lights on and no tracks in and out of the driveway, so I phoned the RCMP, they were questioned about their activity and the girls said they were playing pranks, But the RCMP told them to stop, got their names and that was the end of that, But I told the RCMP, they were hitting the houses with no lights on, and were scoping out houses to B and E, the RCMP, said for me not to worry, they had their names, So if your house gets hit with a snowball, there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Or, they were just too chicken to hit houses where they thought people were home.

are you ne of those paranoid people who always thinks everyones out to get them?

That sounds a little more credible to me than a gang of girls looking to rob everyone blind using snowballs to see if it’s safe or not.  Or does it?  Hmmm…