Here comes Santa Claus..!

It comes sooner every year and believe it or not, there are X-Mas lights on, glowing bright on my street and their tree is up in the window…Ach, Bah Humbug, now I have to unravel my f----g lights and I just threw out my Halloween pumpkin…Hey, look outside, it’s SNOWING !!!  Psyche… :smiley:  :smiley:

Not just there either.  I was shopping yesterday and they were playing Christmas carols over the store’s loudspeaker!  And this isn’t even a Christian country!

What does Christmas have to do with being Christian?  Jees…

Yeah, it’s about the economy stoopid.

Christmas…um…well…it is the biggest commercialized ,stressed holiday of the year. Spreading good cheer for a couple weeks in Dec. just doesn’t make me happy. Why not do it all year long… you don’t have to buy someone something to let them know you care or love them. Be kind to people all through the year and you’ll feel what a gift that brings to you. I do love the spirit of giving, not on this level at Christmas…it’s too much…it’s in our face already.
Teach your kids to appreciate the roof over their swelled heads, make them give up one gift they are expecting for Christmas and give it to your family’s charity…
how spoiled are they going to be this year?

It’s sort of telling that when management at the store I work at asked the employees what they wanted to do for a “holiday” celebration this year, we ended up opting for a quiet, non-formal gathering sometime in January instead of the usual Christmas party. Everyone is getting completely overwhelmed by trying to cope with the added business around the season and it’s gotten to the point where a lot of us have been dreading the next few weeks in terms of trying to keep up with the orders coming into the store and keeping demanding customers happy as well.

The one thing that helps keep me sane around the holidays is knowing that the real joy of the season for us as a family is simply being together and relaxing, with some good food and fun mixed in. Adding more stress by freaking out over buying the perfect presents?? No damn way!!

i keep trying to tell my kids that because of the recession santa was laid off and the easter bunny is working christmas.

I LOVE X-Mas but not the presents, I really think when there aren’t any kids around,it is a big waste of money!!  I LOVE the food and the lights amd mostly, I love to just curl up with my fella and watch some good old-fashioned X-Mas specials and hope there is a little snow just to add a tiny bit of seasonal ambience…Ahhh, I need to look for my Rudolph slippers and my red fuzzy onesie…Oh, such romance  :smiley:

I love giving presents…I start spending waaaay to much money in july…by the time december comes I’m just buying more stuff for the same people…its a really bad habit :smile:  I just like my tree filled with wrapped boxes and shiny gift bags :smile:

the stores love to see you coming don’t they… why do you need to buy all the gifts. A little over kill. You are consumed with this " Holiday " crap,  don’t do it!!!..walk away…lol

Don’t buy anything !!..Just put LOTS of empty wrapped boxes and pretty shiny gift bags under the tree.  After a few egg nogs or grog  :-P  no one will even know and X-Mas morning, you can sit on the pile of cash you’ve saved and watch them fight over who stole their gift you bought for them…Merry Ho Ho  :-D

HumBug…horrible thoughts

relax, I said no such thing…

  Do you have a sense of humour?  I believe it was meant to be sarcastic humour and you seem to like the word “relax” as you used it in your other post as well. Does codybear seem stressed or something?  Weird  :unamused:

it’s all good jazella…relax…lol  :wink:

its ok to go a little overboard once a year and spoil the people that keep me happy the rest of the year.  And I shop local and support our economy so its justified  :-  I dont cheap out and go to walmart  :imp:

I’m done my christmas shopping now!  Well, pretty much anyway.  I’ve got my kids taken care of, and I pretty much only buy for them.  Everyone else gets cards!

going to walmart isnt cheaping out its being smart with your money. some local shops are ok with prices but boutique and locally owned stores will never compete with walmart. but your store doesnt carry what walmart does i assume anyway

I agree with you there decker. I can’t afford to “buy local” unless it is crap from the $Store or the Bargain Store which isn’t fit for anyones X-Mas. Have you seen the prices in our local boutiques etc.? I don’t call it cheaping out at Wal-Mart. You have to look for good quality and good prices these days and they seem to carry both and it is always nice to get away from this town for a day. Should I just go to Terrace and drive back and not spend a dime? At least the feds. would be glad as I certainly pay enough for the gas. :imp: