Health care in Prince Rupert and Province of BC (prev male suicide)

The man in the hospital is my son.  I knew our health care was bad but to not be able to find him a hospital bed in the lower mainland as of yet is appalling.  He has a broken neck, collar bone and numerous ribs.  He went through the trauma of making sure his friend’s body would not float away.  He spent the night in the bush walking to try to find help, afraid to go to sleep, knowing if he did it would be the end. As of this morning I was told “maybe today” They have been  saying that since Friday.  I have contacted 2 MLA’s looking for answers but as yet, have not received any response.  I don’t know what else to do, maybe call Global TV?

Thanks to all of you for your help.  The NPD office just called me, they called Gary Coons who phoned the PRGH.  Not that we have any success yet but it’s nice to know someone is looking into it
PRGH just called me saying it was VGH who has to make room.  It’s been over 48 hrs now and, get this, if they think he is deteriorating they will make room.
I have been asked by the Ndp to wait until the am and I hear back from them before contacting Global TV News.

I’m curious as to why you were asked not to contact Global.

I’n not sure, maybe they want to see if they can help before embarrassing the Liberal Gov’t Health Care system. 
I have made so many calls today to people in PR and it appears everyone takes Mondays off.  Is this common, it sure wasn’t when I lived there.

Screw the Liberal government…make all the noise
you can…maybe, just maybe, it’ll help someone else.

I hope you get satisfaction, and soon.

I heard through the Grape Vine they were sending someone who was in the tragic accident down south today but you know the stories in the rinse. But good luck with your calls.

I just heard from a friend that he had been sent down south…I hope that he recovers quickly and returns safe to his family.  He is a very brave man for all that he did and endured during that time.  Speedy recovery !!

That is news to me but I will call PRGH right now and check it out.  I have to give Gary Coons Kudos for working with me today trying to find a solution.  Thanks Gary.

Hard to know for sure, but sometimes institutions are more motivated to take action by the threat of negative media coverage. If there is media coverage too early on the damage has already been done to their fragile reputations and they may focus on circling the wagons, blaming someone else, passing the buck etc, rather than taking responsibility. I suspect that the NDP office has a pretty good read of those timing issues.

My son is still in PRGH but I’ve had 2 calls tonight indicating he will be medivac’d out as soon as weather permits.  Thnaks to all of you for your advice, obviously it pays to squawk.  It’s a damn shame though, that one has to make noise to get proper medical care. In my opinion the Liberals have gone as far  as they are going to.  The gravey train is over.  Olympics be damned, we’re paying for it already and it hasn’t even happened yet. For sure, I’m switching parties.

Speaking of the Olympics yes we are starting to pay for them and so will your grandchildren be paying for that what three week dog and pony show. Its another way for Gordo to say thanks for your hard earned money silly people.

I vote for anarchy…

That would be a Big Jump, something which must be thought  of for a good while. I would try the NDP first and maybe the Green. Then I would consider after either’s governing…

Might seem like a good thing, that is until you’re in the middle of it.

You live in Rupert: news alert – you are in the middle of it.

Every man, woman, and child, for himself, that sounds like a good plan.

I disagree.

Does anyone have a picture of Desi (Mark) Desautels that they would share with me. CBC is running the story.

Hats off to you for pursuing your situaton to the media, on top of all the stress your going through right now,  raising more awareness of how our Medical system is in deteriorating.
I wish your son all the best for a speedy recovery.
Please let us know when this story will be aired… thanks queenlatifa, take care

I’m not entirely sure but I understand a bed magically appeared for my son.  One shouldn’t have to make such a fuss to get proper care. 

Not but it seems the more noise you make the quicker your goal gets acheived in health care anyways.  I don’t have a pic of Dezi sorry!