Has anyone seen Herb?

It seems that ever since he was chosen to represent the BC Liberals in the up coming election, he slipped off the face of the earth.

Actually I saw him walking with his wife on Second avenue on Sunday afternoon (and not one hand was shaken while I was at the light), so not quite off the face of the earth. Unless of course you consider the streets of Rupert to be said face of the earth. :wink:

The reason I ask is that you’d think Mr. Pond would be out shaking hands at something as big as the All Native, or even the Hockey Games.  Seems to me to be keeping a low profile for someone who wants public office.

He dropped by and looked around our place, as did Coons.

We invited them both back to chat when the election is underway.

Saw him at the opening ceremonies for the All Native Tournament, along with Nathan Cullen, Gary Coons and Jack Mussallem.

Guess I missed him then.

Ya, I’ve seen him - he’s about 5’10", dark hair, bright teeth.

You left out the sweater, what about the sweaters?

I saw him with Jack on Friday.  He was joking around about being Jack’s “body guard”

Oh can you tell me where in the world is Herb Pond…

“Oh he walks from cowbay floats all the way to Kwinitsa station, he’s been on a slow boat to China and a fast bus to Prince George, so can you tell me, where in the world is Herb Pond!”

Ok, make up your own lyrics this is too much like work now… :smiley:

You left out the sweater, what about the sweaters? [/quote]

Why? Does he have a platform hidden under his sweater?

That’s exactly what I was thinking when I read that.


the mud slinging still goes at Herbavoire…

Don do a BIT of research before making assumptions that take someones credibility and steps on it.

‘Research’, huh. The reason he posted the topic was to find stuff out.

I was posting to find out (research if you will), and most of the people I have talked to haven’t seen him.  Then again, my peer group isn’t exactly in the know about the where abouts of former mayors, which is why I was asking.  Obviously I missed him at the All Native (see S_Thomas’s post).  I just find it odd that I haven’t seen him around.  I see Mr. Coons out and about fairly often, but have yet to see Mr. Pond.

I guess I will just have to look harder.

i see him at the crest and tim hortons, maybe look in those places.
he needs a red striped sweater and some round specs that way it’s just like where’s waldo.


Thanks, but I wasn’t really looking for him as much as I was wondering where he was.

Where’s Waldo?

At the political circus, of course …


Saw him in the back alley behind General Paint Friday Wasn’t his social joyful self.