Happy items here

Okay, so there have been many topics recently about rather depressing topics – I’ll not mention them, but they are easy to find.  Very rarely do people post about the nice, joyful, happy moments in Rupert – other than the progress on the port.  By focusing on the negative, we create a self-fulfilling prophecy – we see the negative more often, even though goodness, kindness, happiness, and the like are all around us.  So if you have a “goodâ€

Fricker awesome weather!

I hear what you saying Dave, but I dont hear to much happy news, but I can tell ya Im “coo coo over coco puffs” and that the sun is very nice and the people I talked to today were nice and I helped a old woman across the street. thats it… now im going to read the province and watch cnn.

It’s nice to see the city crews painting white lines on the street, they look very symetrical and quite useful too…

I went to the mall today for the first time in 10 years…

nice to see they kicked out all those people who use to
LIVE in there… it always felt like you walked into
someones home and YOUR not welcomed.

That happened quite some time ago… years even.  The mall has cleaned up a lot… it’s just unfortunate there isn’t many places left to shop in it and lots of people don’t ever walk through the doors anymore :frowning:

I hear that shoe store is the BOMB though :stuck_out_tongue:

A Grade 11 girl walked into my shop, looked at my old fashioned clock and said “Gee it’s quarter after one already?”. Then she looked up the phone number for ABC Communications in the phone book and found it right away.
There is hope.

that hurts my brain :confused:

Which part?  The telling time or the whole phone book thing.

Umm yeah, I’m just throwing this out there, but I hear there is a big ceremony in town for some kind of port opening on Wednesday afternoon.  Anyone else read or hear about this.  We got people from all over the States staying at our hotel.  Kinda cool.

ya im going out on the big yellow boat catamoran (inside passage)  to watch the festivities, 30.00 gets you wine and sheese. and no crowds to deal with or finding a parking space. 

But, but, you’ll miss all the speeches!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

How lame that this thread was only able to draw just a few posts before the port had to be mentioned. It’s like the mill all over again - one trick pony.

hey isnt this sposed to be a happy thread…
way to party poop poolboy

Smartass, you have to make your store “The Place To Be” in Rupert.  You need a gimmick!  You can’t copy Hooters because of copyright issues so forget that!. 
You want a gimmick that will bring people from Terrace in the mall. 
Maybe have all your employees wear mullets or sideburns.  Maybe you should try to grow sideburns to or buy the sticky kind. 
Just throwing ideas out there!

Sure were some pretty lights up in the sky!

Things must surely be looking better already, we had our first traffic jam in years!

my video of the fireworks

Nice pics and no traffic to deal with eithe! :wink:

it never lets me play those videos on this site… works everywhere else… but not on here

Fricker?  You’ve been reading too many posts by Astrothug.  :smiley: