Where would a good place be around town to get decent haircuts?  And who would be a good barber/hair dresser?

Master cut is good for both guys and gals.  Price is pretty good as well. Sassy’s has Katie and another young lady there ( japanese) who give great cuts and styles.

Sounds good…thanks  :wink:

the Dollar store with more has a good price on bowls and scissors if you’re inclined to do it yourself cuts… :stuck_out_tongue:

I can attest to Natsu’s abilities (the japanese girl you mentioned at Sassy’s) - she’s great!!

Central Barber (or Barber Central) is amazing!!

I always get my hair-cut by Sylvie :smiley:

Kathy at Shear Pleasure formerly of Golden Comb or Joan there also.  Very good!  Kathy has won many awards for her stylin’… :smiley:

That reminds me of an Almost Live sketch I saw years ago called Bill Gates’ Computer Cuts.  It was basically a hair salon for computer geeks, and they even had the “home kit” with a bowl and a pair of scissors.

What was really funny about it was that Bill Gates himself came on the show and did a cameo in the sketch, saying “How can a man be worth eight billion dollars and still look goofy as hell?  The answer is simple: Bill Gates’ Computer Cuts.”

I really miss Almost Live!

I’ve always adored Jane at Cowlicks. Been going to her forever.

there is only one girl who does a good job at Master Cuts.  But the prices there can’t be beat!!

tangles on 5th street

Courtnee at Tangles is awesome, costs 30$! The prices are good at Mastercut but thats because they charge you to wash your hair, and dont put any products in after the cut. Also, Pam at Hairtek is good too.  For how often hair is cut I would pay alittle bit more to be happy for the months you have to wear it!

Cuts are $13.

My vote is for Dianne at Frank’s …  She does some of the best men’s hair cutting and styling in the area…  Barbers do best on short hair…

OMGOSH it’s even better if you’re family :stuck_out_tongue:

Even an Ole Hillbilly likes a good haircut…that why I go to Diane at Franks…best haircut North of Vancouver. :smiley:

For the type of cut you are looking for, I am assuming the short “Ceasar” type cut, Central is where I go. They mastered the art of the Ceasar and the price is reasonable.

Central Barbers for 100% quality 100% of the time!
Reasonable prices and very pleasant staff.

If you want a great haircut come see me Chelsey Morash at Tangles Hair Studio :smile:

Mimi from Franks does a good cut on mens hair.