Green Apple gains 45 days to find a fix for its structural challenges

A well known landmark in the city has been provided with 45 days to examine issues regarding the safety of the structure that has long dominated the corner of McBride and 3rd Avenue East.

The Green Apple Restaurant was the topic of a special session of city council on Wednesday, after the city’s building inspector reported concerns regarding the structures stability, and potential safety concerns for the public.

CFTK’s website outlined some of the contents of a letter to owner Gordon Lam, which deemed the building was unsafe and would need to be demolished.

The building came onto the city’s radar after Lam had consulted a local contractor over some planned renovations to his building, at that time the request was passed on to the city’s building inspector and an out of town engineering firm…

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Here is a serious proposal to consider in order to get around this civic predicament.

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Creative proposal but a quick look at next weeks weather forecast would make for a shortage of customers me thinks… :unamused:

I guess he’ll have to use a flap door (a two way trap door often used by cats and dogs in domestic abode)…this way he’ll keep the element out.  Tables with sun shades would keep the rain off Podunkians’ heads.  :smiley:  This is a less “serious” approach.

Hitler Bian propose we use Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara (AKA Pedrico “D**che” Lao) as a stabilizing device, so that way the building is safe from “collapsing” and Gordie Lam will able to get back to normal business again.

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I have one very interesting question for the city council to answer or maybe bounce around in their closed quarters, why did we say Green Apple but we shall leave the inlander eyesore stand for another year or two. I mean come on council why do you seem to by pass all the bits of reality in this community. Why the green apple, I mean is there real urgent need.

Eww…you’re totally right. The Inlander is disgusting.

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BTW, my proposal is 10000x times better because it’s practical (meaning it’s not useless) and doesn’t involve killing people, plus you get great benefits too. Oh and did I mention the funeral plan too?

[quote=“Justin Case”]
I have one very interesting question for the city council to answer or maybe bounce around in their closed quarters, why did we say Green Apple but we shall leave the inlander eyesore stand for another year or two. I mean come on council why do you seem to by pass all the bits of reality in this community. Why the green apple, I mean is there real urgent need.[/quote]

I totally agree with you. The Inlander is 1000x worst than the Green Apple building, an eyesore, and it’s a freaking fire hazard.

Is Green Apple like this? No.

I feel either the council are being retarded, or they’re trying to get rid of Green Apple for their own benefit.

I would like to think the people that step foot in the Green Apple are a little more important to the city than the people that step foot in the Inlander.  No one is doing this to sabotage the business… legitimate worries have been brought up, and no one wants to see anyone hurt.

“Fu%* Bureaucracy Save Green Apple”

Anybody who have a Facebook account and wanted to support Green Apple, please join our group.

Thank you very much and your warm support.

Like most people I don’t want to see the Green Apple closed down.  The Inlander is a separate issue but to add my 2 cents , it should be bulldozed.  I understand that the Green Apple has had some long standing issues with the city about the 3rd avenue retaining wall and it’s effect on the building.  Where I fail to have sympathy for the owners is that there has been no visible maintenance, repairs or upgrading to the building whatsoever.  The building looks the same as it did 30 years ago.  A building will not last forever without some repairs and maintenance and to me it looks like it has received no attention. Just cooking fish and chips wont keep the building standing all by itself.  It is a danger and hazardous.  If they can fix it and keep the business alive, good for them, but they have to take responsibility for looking after their own building.

Well it’s 50/50 for me ,both city and owner,could have avoided this, with an oz. of prevention!!
As ,you look elsewere around the city alot of these retaining walls are about to fail!!  Just walk around town,there’s another retaining wall spot,just past Kids daycare,that shares with Bc housing,and that wall has been busting out,over the last 5 years,and these older walls should be replaced with concrete walls,as many areas need this upgrade!!Just because of public traffic.But yes we are restricted,due to budget set backs? If we look at the city as a whole! There are many upgrades needed ,Time, And less travel,I guess!!!

best fish and chips in town, i hope they gets things figured out

I agree! If the building is toast I dont see why they couldnt just relocate, the D.Q. building is just sitting right across the street, that would be a great spot for them I would think if they have to move,  is that a dumb idea?

I think the reason Dairy Queen shut down was because of issues with the building as well.

I do think it would be a great spot for the Green Apple but I have to wonder how Mr. Lam would be able to lease or buy that building for his restaurant.  I am sure the current owner wouldn’t let it go cheap.

I also think that the Green Apple should be closed to the public until the structural deficiencies are corrected or the building is torn down.

Someone told me a few days ago that the Green Apple was actually for sale.  If this is true then I’m not sure what interest Mr. Lam would have in relocating the business.  If there is no value in the building and the land is 30 feet below street level I don’t think he would be successful in selling his business.  Anyone can buy old restaurant equipment and start up a a greasy spoon eatery across the street.  The lack of care and maintenance on the building in addition to the negligence of the city, may have cost this man everything that he has worked for over the past number of years.

The problem is, if Gordie loses the building he’ll have lost all the money that he put into it.  Plus, he won’t be able to sell it, which means he won’t have any money to buy a new building.  True, he could lease a new building, but again that would probably cost more than he would be able to put together right now.

Yeah thats right… Gord has sunk a lot of money into the place…
If he cannot reopen there he is hooped…
Business is unable to reopen and building unresellable.
Not a pretty picture… 
Still hope an answer is found…

When you say he sunk alot of money into the place I’m curious as to what that is.  No doubt that he has put alot of time and effort into his business but I do not see where he has put money into “the place”.  I may be wrong but it seems that no money has been put into the place other than wages, supplies and other general business expenses. The tables and chairs in there are probably 25 years old. If you put the Nora’s corner sign back up the building would look identical to the way it did way back when. I’m just an outsider but maybe someone can enlighten me.