Google street view now shows Prince Rupert

Not sure if this has been posted yet, but Rupert is now on Google street view, take a look! :smiley:

Looks like the pictures were taken around mid-to-late August, if I don’t miss my guess.

!!! (jealous)
We’re still a bloody blur in the Fort. Updated all around us, but the town is still the same resolution as the day they started Google Earth.

I think you’re pretty close It may even be late July, I have a little jungle gym thing for my son in my front yard that got eaten by my dog in September. We set it up in July, so yeah. I’m glad they did it on a nice day, unlike the GoogleEarth satellite picture of us…all snowy and featureless.

Woah, looks like a nice day in Rupert. 

My dog is looking out the window, and there’s a tent set up on our deck, so definitely July or August. 

Can anyone spot real people?

Some people walking in front of Excel printing:

They must be thinking “that’s a weird looking car!”

Too bad we can’t have something like this!

Wow, lots of people downtown.  Must have been a really nice day!

Very cool.  Nobody home at our address in PR when the google car drove by, it was a misty, foggy day.
Ha! Looked up my Dad’s address down in Delta and he was walking in his driveway with his dog:-)

My street here isn’t on street view yet.  But my summer place, in a small little coastal village, is visible.  Pretty cool. 
This will be good for the Where Is This? game.

Haha yeah!

Found me at Subway.

Well Herbie, they’ve updated the latest view of the Fort, as per your recent descriptions! :imp:

Recognize anyone?  :smiley:

hahaha My house looks so ghetto - toys everywhere and a busted washing machine on the deck…thanks for making me look bad googleman  :smiley:

found my car lol

Funny, a link to that just showed up on Reddit via BoingBoing.

Ahahahaha  well Caught in the action of Prince Rupert, My cousin’s were doing a Garage Sale that day!!! hahahaha I rememeber seeing the car driving past!! my dog’s out helping them as well. it is on hays cove circle! lmao can not believe that one!!!

So, it was a Saturday then?  I can’t think of where we would have been.  Our driveway is empty.

It must have been late to mid july, because my fam bought a new truck at the begining of august, and it’s not in our driveway in the pic of our house.

I believe I was havng my garage sale on the wednesday.

Ha, I decided to stay up half the night searching for almost every house I have ever lived in that I can remember  :confused:  I am an Air Force brat so that was quite a few !  I checked in on my ex-mom in laws’ place and she was in the backyard when her street was pic’d !!  So much fun to take a walk down memory lane, Ottawa, Hamilton, Dundas and I have to see if I can find the couple of places in France and Germany we lived in but I will leave that for another sleepless night !