Godless Capitalists

The Smithers Chamber of Commerce recently removed a refence to god in the oath of office for chamber exec members,front page of smithers paper,local christians predicting end of the world,

why should religion be part of politics?

Agreed, when I think of all the atrocities committed in the name of (insert name of diety) over the years I shudder.
I have no problem if someone wants to believe in a higher power or worship the devil or space monkeys, just don’t come knocking on my door or try to convince me that your way is the only way.

Way to remove the last moral and ethical code politicians at least pretended to abide by.

We do not need religion to be ethical.

For the general populace this is true. Politicians on the other hand could use a few more excuses to be moral/ethical.

In God we Trust.  You can’t be POTUS without believing in God.

George Bush swore an oath with the christian god in it, where were his morals and ethics???
you are or you aren’t ethical,there are lots of scumbags in all walks of life but the ones that really piss me off are the six day ones that go to church on the seventh day and that one act makes all their scumbaggery(?) thru the week OK

George Bush is a good man! because of him so many of the iraqi and afghanni people are free. Who else would have sacrificed his good name to free them?

LOL, what does the Smithers Chamber of Commerce becoming a little more PC have to do with George Bush?

Smithers doesnt care about George Bush.

your jesus why couldnt you free them ?

They’re Muslim…

Muslims believe in Jesus. 

Also, I can’t believe I replied to this thread.

The jury is still out on whether those people needed or wanted G Bush to interfere,refer to my earlier post re;scumbags

FTW! :smiley:

The Chamber of Commerce aren’t politicians.
They’re just plain godless capitalists.

I know… I R one

I started this thread because when I read the Smithers paper and the reaction from the good christians of Smithers, I thought, how silly!,what are they afraid of ???
But after reading some of the reaction on HTMF, its obviious that narrow minds exist outside of Smithers.

Jesus doesnt believe in Muslims.

You should start wearing your tinfoil hat again