God damn citywest

My cell is down again, I cant make or receive calls.  I cant stand them anymore.

i understand your frustration, mine had been acting up for 2 weeks now, sometimes i can hear the person i am talking to but they can not hear me , or my battery goes down so fast i have to charge it every nite, or i can not recieve calls, i think this new and better up grade is a disaster

I’ve never experienced any problems with my cellphone until tonight.  I attempted to get 9-1-1 three times and my phone would go back to its main menu as soon as I pressed “send”.  This was a couple of hours ago.  Now that I see this thread, I can understand why.  I truly believe this chaotic state is going to severely hurt the local telephone provider.  At the same time, I have to wonder how many other emergency calls were aborted at the hands of citywest because of this latest service interruption?  Not good!

Yeah I agree… I seriously doubt that the cell service will ever be as good as it was before…
I think the challenges of bringing in X1 as I think it is called are proving too great…
The remoteness and vastness of our area was why we did not such services as black berry etc. We had a great local service, but it did not have all the bells and whistles…  Pressure came to get up to speed and have everything that service providers have in other areas, however the challenges are overwhelming for city west.  Now they are basically under the control of North West Tel (Bell) and we are a low priority with them.  Eventually what needs to happen is Rupert (the city) needs to get out of the phone business…  at least the cell part of it…  They are going to loose so much from this.  I wonder how good service from Rogers will be? 

The time on my cel phone continues to jump around, sound quality is poor ( I get static and hear an echo when I talk).  Also, my battery drains more quickly these days.
I’m not going to bother speaking to CityWest about this as they’ll just give me the standard company line (“I’ll have a technician look into this”).
My cel contract expires in June.  I will be exploring other options.

looks like rogers might have some customers as soon as they open their doors eh!

It sux to hear all this guys as i rely on my cellphone more than anything. For work for home and personal use and for the most if any thing emergency use. 9-1-1 calls are more important than any thing for people.  Down here if you call 9-1-1 and hang up they will text message you back to see if you are ok even if you don’t have txt messaging, pretty good feature especially if your in a bad situation or can’t talk.


Yeah my relatives cell phone was off, he said he couldn’t phone the cell phone from a land phone, strange. I hope your problem gets fixed :smile:

I took my cellphone to citywest and want to give it to the girl on the counter to have it repaired because every day/day and a half it need charging.  The girl told me their engineers are working on the trouble right now and it should be fixed within the day.  Well, I have bad news for everyone, nothing fixed yet, six days?. What I have also noticed, you call anyone  and it takes 20 second before it started to ring but the timer to count the seconds start as soon you push the send button.  Read the fine print for the Telus offer!

That’s the same line they’re giving everyone…me included.  I think Rogers will have some business when they set up shop here.

I thought everyone was getting a functioning Blackberry under the Christmas tree, on CityWest!!!

Heh, I’ll be happy if my cell just works the way it did when I bought it in June.

theres nothing they can do…
just wait it out it should go away eventually… plus its the christmas season
oh you people being scrooges… bah humbug!
give them a break

Hey my Solo just went dead cuz I put $150 cap on it. Died on Saturday, after I just read a bill Friday for $85. Called in and they’re CLOSED Sat-Sun. Had to give them $176 and change on Visa today, the paper bill lags…
How about Telus? A Scabervisor  tried to make me pay for a stolen phone, AFTER I was told it was covered it I just continued paying the agreed fee for the term. He was so damn rude I told him I would not send a NICKEL until he got his scab ass out and let someone who knew their job talk to me. So they tagged a $1400 cancellation fee on the account as well, and sent it straight to collections. The day the strike ended, I called and got a union person and told them I would give her the Visa now. While I was on hold for supervisor the credit collector called and demanded immediate payment of over $1800 or he’d garnishee my wages… the notice it was sent to collections didn’t come til 3 days later. The Telus supervisor just laughed and said "too late buddy, I can’t help you"
Want a story about the gf’s Bell cellphone? How about a couple from my pal the Rogers reseller?
None of them are angels, they’re in business to pick your wallet for as much as they can as fast as they can…"
and to lock you into their system for as long as they can.
It’s just business. There ain’t a business out there that exists to ‘save you money’ or to do you any favours.

I read in a flyer from the Source that they’ll be selling pay as you go phones…no contract:-)

i just bought a new phone from citywest, and one year contract, the thing is the lady asked me to bring in my new old phone and chager to exchange it, I think not I bought my phone, so its mine. regardless if it works. Im not getting any money… or a better deal with new phone is the norm?

maybe they dont want you using it for pay as you go when rogers comes into town

i tell you when and if i get a new phone
they definitly arent getting my old one

Thats ODD, down here they just ask you to recycle them if you don’t want it, they never ask for your old one. At our store we have a huge green recycling bin for old electronics and stuff that people don’t want, and in the cellphone area, they also have one for older cell phones.

I would tell SHITTYWEST to BEAT it. It’s yours so keep it or sell it on ebay.


Looking at citywest’s data sheet, > citywest.ca/files/Comparison … 02007%20(3.pdf

The information is all over the place with lots of incorrect information,

First off the Blackberry 8830 does not have dual display.
Second it has a expandable memory slot.

na.blackberry.com/eng/devices/de … b_features

third, They suck, they are heavy and it feels like your using a brick to call out on. I have one for work and i also have a blackberry Curve the curve wins hands down.

its all good, I have two cell phones, she thought i was returning my newer one for a new one. so I have my old phone… I got the Bell HTC touch its very nice…

Lot’s of guys at my work have them, very nice, responsive :stuck_out_tongue: