So I’ve subscribed to a service that will send me a text message whenever there’s a goal at Euro.

How nerdy am I?

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Surely everyone does that!?!  I always take my vacation during the World Cup and European Championships - why else do you have vacation?

How nerdy am I?[/quote]

This is definitely a +1 to your nerdyness stat.

Hmm, can you customize the alert, for instance a happy dance tune if Portugal takes the lead and the obligatory funeral march should the heathens from afar dare score one on your homeland? :smiley:

out of curiosity MIG, what is the phone on top of?  come kind of animal?

Very cool.  You’re an Uber-nerd, MiG. :sunglasses:

Ha!  I wanted to take a photo, but the floor was too shiny and reflected, so I just put it on the Golden Retriever.  He’s like a carpet anyway.

Ah, I should have said that was my chest.

Anyway, watching Germany - Poland, and it’s exciting so far, despite the predictions of boring football.  But whatever you do, don’t mention the war </faulty towers again>.

Mig you sound like you have more toys then Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Not sure where Mig is on his magical mystery tour, but I can only hope he was in Fort St. James with Herbie, the prospect of him dancing through the streets of the Fort as described by Herbie would truly be worth a youtub moment…

torontosun.com/News/TorontoA … 6-sun.html


I’m back in Rupert, though I did drop by Fort St. James.  Such a nice place.  Maybe it was the sun.

So where’s the YouTube video then…

And more importantly, is it as Herbie so eloquently describes??

Heh, exactly as he describes.  It’s not really that out of the way, only 30-40 minutes off the highway.

Also, when Portugal won on Saturday, I celebrated in my own special way.  I asked a couple of England fans how their team was doing in Euro.

Herbie, I totally forgot the stickers, so I put them in the mail.

LOL, well I hope that your Portugal side has ponied up the appropriate kind of cash for hotel accomodations, it would seem that on investment alone, the Germans are to be the eventual well rested victors…

uk.reuters.com/article/worldFoot … 4020080604

Must be some kind of milk the guy’s talking about… :smiley: 

Oh Oh Spaghetti Oh’s…
Netherlands 3  Italia 0
That’s three goals for the guys in Orange, and uh, hmmmm, er none for the guys in Blue
euro2008.uefa.com/tournament … +champions

So much for the “Group of Death.”  Doesn’t look very deadly to me.

Any predictions?

Of course I have to cheer for Portugal.  But I’m also hoping this is the tournament where Spanish international football finally matches up to the awesome quality of its professional league.

So either Portugal or Spain and I’d be happy.  Just don’t tell my father that I would happily cheer for Spain.

Also, being Portuguese, I have to cheer against any team that takes down the Netherlands.

I am 0% Dutch, as far as I know, but I always root for them.

Germany and Spain in the final - with Germany winning of course.  I’m a life long German fan.  Failing that prediction - anyone but Portugal or Italy …

Das ist wunderbar!