Go Canucks Go

Two - one for Canucks first period.

    shut up…

 we were in Terrace this aft. and we lost reception of CFNR through the first period…hurry… finally rounding the summit and we hear 2/1 Canucks… SWEET…

what did I say?

The canucks like usual defend a 1 goal lead… sorry you fail try again next time.

Blew it. Luongo stopped umpteen breakaways, the Sedins did the pass til you lose it and never take a shot thing, and the defense went on vacation for the third…

Why should he shut up? It’s not like he’s lieing. Every year they choke… It’s either Luongo turns into a seive, or something else screws up.

If it’s not true, then why haven’t we been past the second round in years?

okay, you shutup…lmao

Hey, I’m likely a bigger canucks fan than you are…

I’ve watched them for years, and they’ve lost every time.

Doesn’t matter to me, they’re still my team. And I’m proud of them however far they go

lol the canucks are officially like elementry school kids. they get a gold for trying.

Yup, gold stars. Or blue if they prefer.

If you a such a big 'ol fan, why do you contradict yourself here…a fan doesn’t bash them when their down

why not? Isn’t being a masochist a requirement of being a canucks fan?

They get paid BILLIONS of dollars…

Yet, they decide to choke, every year, at about the same time. We’ve never had a cup. Ever! The years we had a chance, we, as predicted, choked…

So forgive me if I’m a little hard on them.

“it’s not wether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”

Well their game sucks LOL

check your figures.

it’s not choking if it’s expected.

  LOL    … she just told us ,she was their biggest fan, like " she " wouldn’t know the stats…c’mon

So I exagerate a bit. LOL Sue me…

They make enough money that they should be playing well enough to win at least once…



Montreal out next. Boston will win it all.

LOL I told them too Jesus.

But we’re just too negative aren’t we? :unamused: