Go Canucks Go

  good hockey tonight… they wanted the first win pretty bad… good! hope they do it again Monday…  :sunglasses:

They will  :smile: :smile:

Hawks aren’t going to let them down that easily. As much as I hate to say it, they’re such a closely matched team it’s going to be a tough one. And don’t think they aren’t going to retaliate on Monday.

We really need to change the international symbol for choking to the canucks logo… if they could pick one.


Too true.

{Ooo first post.}

But yeah, I really hope they do awesome like they did tonight!
Don’t let us down Canucks!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, all I gotta say is “Believe.”  :sunglasses:

GO CANUCKS GO Wooooooooo

that’s right…sing it load dumb ass " I Believe"  lmfao  :roll:

  did I offend someone ?

apparently you did  :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps a Canuck fan.

This is the tamest wasteland move that I can recall.



Thats abuse of power as a moderator.

absolute no need for this thread to “die”.

Yeah, I don’t get this one either !  See what happens tonite when the Canucks take down Chicago!  Start a new thread and see  :smiley:

Starting a new 1 daily lol MODS=Jacko

  Game 2… kick  ass tonight Vancouver…sing it loud " I Believe" just for Good Times… :imp:

I BELIEVE!! :smile:

Super Mario and the pens will alwayss be my team boo Canucks!!!

Just like there is no need for the canucks to ‘die’ and they might not but they will choke.