Gmail invites?

Anybody still have gmail invitations?

If so, let me know – there’s 2 or 3 people that have asked me, and I’m all out.

I have one left.

Ok, forwarding one request to you :wink: It’s in Portuguese, just invite them. If anybody else has them, let me know – miguelb at the gmail

I’ve got 5, I think.

what’s your address? Or mail me?

Ok, my last invite there was just shipped off.

joe dot reynolds at geemale dot com

id like another one for my Gf. please…

jason dot leaman at gmail . com

I would love to have one.
please send one my way if you feel like it :slight_smile:

pls i want to love dear invite me pls my mail id


I have 16 invites email me at david dot strand at gee mail dot com

I have a few different accounts, so the response might have a different email address.

I also have quite a few invites… so email me at… my user name is nellerz…


Haha I had 20 invites and didn’t know, they moved the “You have invites” link to a different place on the screen now. Gmail should IMAP itself.

Is G Mail worth having?

Yeah, I think so. Much better than any other email I’ve ever used. The search bar is way cool.

1GB space, free, no flashy ads.

Yeah, it’s got lots of cool stuff. Definitely worth having, Popnecker.
I applied when it was first announced, but lost the reply in my junk bin. Just never bothered, and stuff like the link above makes me wonder

Bah… I don’t wonder, it sounds kind of paranoid.

I don’t think there should be a concern about privacy issues, etc. I mean come on who cares if they collect data, that is what the internet is about isn’t it?? I highly doubt that Google is doing anything behind our backs, I would trust Google over Microsoft anyday.
I think that those anti-gmailers are just wasting there time, although the website was a bit amusing. Especially this part