Get Off My Doorstep :P

Hey Peoples… Uhhh I just had an interesting Moment.

3 People were banging on my door @ 9:30 this morning and I always peak out to see who it is… (I was only looking out for no more than 3 seconds) and they were like “WELL ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER THE DOOR WE SEE YOU”

So, Interested @ the statement I opened the door to be greeted by a nice old lady & a younger (but still old) lady. They began to introduce themselves & tell me that I should believe in the creator because I’m of First Nations descent.

So I’m like, Yeah Uh… Well, I’m sorry but I’m gonna close the door now. And Now I feel guilty. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t agree with them or because I just closed the door on 2 old ladies.

But Yeah, what do you guys think about these types of situations? Where you’re trying to enjoy a nice morning & they come a knocking @ your door?

FCOL - For Crying Out Loud.

ive thought about keeping a watergun at the door just for those moments.
JW’s can be more tiresome than people not picking up dog poop

I’d have just asked them why their creator doesn’t heal amputees.

It is never a good situation when somebody tries to force their beliefs on you, especially at your home. Fortunatley for me I can see who is at my door without letting on that I am home.

I have always been skeptical of people who have to go to such extremes to try and “recruit” new members…I remember one year, unbeknownst to me of this persons beliefs, I wished them a Merry Xmas and Holy Crap, you would have thought I had spit in their face !! I had to apologize for such a joyful thing, in my world anyway !!  I would think too, that since they love to stick the toe of their shoes in the crack of the door you happen to leave open when they knock, that they would invest in steel toes  !!  Boots that is…


Whats the difference betweent the Hells Angels and the JWs?

The Hells Angels come to your house on Saturday morning and tell
YOU to F–k off!

Wire in a recording of a real big and vicious sounding dog to your doorbell. and while it is playing thump the door a couple of tiimes.

One could always leave a few samples of the by product of another thread on this board along the walkway to the door.  That might be enough of a disincentive for them to leave you alone…

You did nothing wrong.  In fact you showed remarkable restraint.  Show the same politeness with the politicians who will come knocking in the next week or two and whatever after life rewards you believe in will be yours.  I have always thought Lee Hayes of the Weavers had it right about his eternity.

If I should die before I wake
All my bone and sinew take
Put them in the compost pile
To decompose a little while
Sun, rain and worms will have their way
Reducing me to common clay
All that I am will feed the trees
And little fishes in the seas
When corn and radishes you munch
You may be having me for lunch
Then excrete me with a grin
Chortling, There goes Lee again
’Twill be my happiest destiny
To die and live eternally

I invited them for tea/refreshments 4 years ago (JW). Spent approx. 12-16 hours a year debating with asst’ JWs over 2 years. They haven’t returned in 5 years.
Politicians haven’t debated, they’ve just left their propaganda. No guts, no glory.

what do i have to sell at your door to get free beer . tell me what and im there  :imp:

Strip down quickly and crack a beer from the fridge and then answer the door buck naked drinking a beer at what ever time of the morning, leave the door wide open and invite them in, they’ll drop those Awake magazines and be off in a jiffy every time, and not likely return any time soon.

I’d like to see the look on your face if they turned out to be from GLAAD doing a canvass.

I sometimes get them coming to my door over here too.  As soon as they see that I’m not like them though, they go into panic mode and usually leave me alone (like every other salesman that comes to my door).

But one time I had a rather trippy experience with one of them.  I was walking to the train station when this big brown panel van pulls up beside me.  The driver was clearly from somewhere in south Asia (India perhaps, but I’m not sure).  He asks me if I speak English.  I figured he just wanted to ask for directions, so I said yes.

Big mistake.

Suddenly, his face beams with this huge smile and he says “oh great!  Just a second”, then pulls his van into a parking lot and comes out to talk to me.  All of a sudden, he’s all over me like shit on Velcro, asking me where I’m from and if I’m Christian, then hands me his Watchtower magazine and starts blabbing on about the JWs and stuff.

I was polite enough listening to the guy, seeing as how people from his neck of the woods get treated even worse than people like me do.  But there came a point where enough was enough and I just said “uhh, I’m supposed to meet my friend in Tokyo in an hour, and I’m running late as it is…” before he finally left me alone.  Or so I thought.

Just as he’s driving away, he rolls down his window and asks “oh by the way, do you know any other English speakers around here I could talk to?”   His wife–who is Japanese–was in the passenger seat.  Usually Japanese people don’t show their emotions so blatantly, but I could tell from a mile away that she was about ready to strangle the guy.  She practically said “come on, enough’s enough!  Leave the guy alone for fuck’s sake.”

Oh well, at least he wasn’t a drunk salaryman looking for a free English lesson.

what do you guys think about these types of situations? Where you’re trying to enjoy a nice morning & they come a knocking @ your door? [/quote]

Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson’s take on this - love the 3.5 minute mark - funny and highly offensive so some.  :imp:

Years ago, one of my friends up there answered their queries about her spiritual life by telling them she was a druid and she worshipped trees. I don’t think they ever darkened her doorstep again.

I have lots of windows, so if I see them parking and setting out to proselytize in the hood, I usually put my dogs out for a while. Two large dogs and no way to reach either door without heading into where the dogs are running around. Or if I miss seeing them arrive and they do reach the door, I just tell them my dogs don’t like strangers and advise them to leave.

Though the naked/beer thing does sound good, I’m afraid of putting on a free show for the neighbours.  :smiley:

This story happened years ago.  A teacher at PRSS was telling of the time he went to the door with nothing but a towel around his waist and threw his arms in the air and exclaimed “Halleleyah, ladies.  Are you here to save my soul?” 

“No,” one replied.  “We’re here to take the census.”

We guffawed, said “no way”, “you’re making that up” etc.  until one of the secretaries said “It’s true.  I was one of the ladies.” Which cracked us up even more.

When you answer the door try and sell them something.

My friend once invited two young Mormons in  and gave them tea (they wouldn’t drink coffee) and quizzed them about heaven and the number of spaces in heaven, how many members of the church at present, how long church had been in existance, possible grand total of mormons alive and dead, all the while he took notes,
after he gleaned all the info he needed, he got out his calculator and gave them the approximate year that heaven reached full capacity and then took great pleasure in telling them the fact that heaven was full some time ago and there was obviously no room for the two young mormons.

While all these fantasies of what people wished they had done make for great sitcom material, let us remember, many of these people, while misguided, are well-intentioned and a simple no thanks will do.