Get Off My Doorstep :P

no thanks  :imp:

If they are misguided, why not guide them in the right direction?

Criminals are ‘misguided’.
Even though I like to joke about JWs I dont think any body can say that believers in
any particular branch of Christianity can be called ‘misguided’.
Over zealous maybe, but certainly not misguided.

Definitions of misguided on the Web:

ill-conceived: poorly conceived or thought out; "an ill-conceived plan to take over the company"
wrong in e.g. opinion or judgment; “well-meaning but misguided teachers”; “a mistaken belief”; "mistaken identity"

In my opionion, they are misguided.  In their opinion I am misguided.  For sure though they are misguided if they think they will make me a believer by knocking on my door.

Of course, anyone can say that, particularly a non-believer in Christianity such as myself. Most Christians, in turn, will believe me to be misguided. Who is right, of course, is up for debate but one of us definitely is!

BTW, I don’t believe ALL criminals are misguided either. It is a crime in some countries for women to leave the house without their husband, and to say no to him when he wants sex - is that misguided?

So I just got home from work and as I am opening my door I see a Bullshit Pamphlet on Pond, now that is worst then getting JW crap. Any one who knows of his history know he lies and it the liberal party lies. I said that I do not want any of his henchmen on my property and I may keep something by my door in case one comes around again. I do not wish for any of my friends to see one of those henchmen on my property…

I have a feeling he might be a big contender in this race, sadly.

He certianly doesn’t deserve it.

My impression from the “Signs” thread is that he has worn out his face.

easy to be a contender when there is no clear good choices. just spoil your vote and vote green  :smiley:

:astonished: Yikes  :astonished:

That’s not a nice picture at all…Literally!
Hmmm…should make a sign for your window…

“Property of NDP” or which every you vote for.  :wink:

How about a Pit Bull that hates the smell of Liberals?

My impression from the “Signs” thread is that he has worn out his face. [/quote]


I think he wore out his face when he was mayor.