Gas Prices in Rupert

I have an inside source telling me that gas prices are going up another 10 cents by this after noon. Just thought I’d let people know, you might wanna fill up before then. is reporting that gas prices may jump as high as an extra 20 cents a litre today! It’s going up to $1.24 in Vancouver. :imp:

Scooters for everybody!

Actually, looked at the scooters at NIS, pretty nifty.

[quote=“MiG”]Scooters for everybody!

Actually, looked at the scooters at NIS, pretty nifty.[/quote]

Dude, I thought you wanted one of them Smart cars. I think there are at least 2 in town.

Rupert is very bikable, even walkable. Instead of being lazy, why not wake up earlier and take the economical, enviromentally friendly route? You probably need the exercise.

I want a Smart, but not the fourtwo.

That’s the Smart roadster. Very nice.

Some of us actually need vehicles for work, so walking isn’t an option. The flipside is that if it’s required for work, at least the expenses are tax-deductible.

Some people might need cars for work, but I doubt there’s many people that use their car exclusively for work and then use other modes of transportation, such as biking, when they’re available. How many times do you decide to walk or bike instead of using your car?

Borg, you need a car for your work?


Yup, probably doing 3 or 4 trips a day. It adds up. So does the expense.


Yup, probably doing 3 or 4 trips a day. It adds up. So does the expense.[/quote]

I don’t understand. Why three or four? Why not back and forth? Is it really tax-deductible? What’s the difference between you and anyone else that commutes to work?

The black Brabus Smart Roadster is incredibly sexy. The UK website has lots of great pics and info on the different models. The Diesel ForFour is pretty cool too. Gas has gotten the best of me, I’m buying a new bike.

Lame personal attack and lame edit job.

Sorry, I was trying to be funny when I posted it but figured it might be taken poorly so I edited it.

But anyways, I lived without a car for 6 months in the winter here and really walking to work requires the use of some heavy duty rain gear. Umbrellas are useless to vehicles that drive by and soak you. So I bought a car. It’s much more waterproof.

Here in New Brunswick, gas shot up from $1.11.8 last night to $1.29.9 this afternoon. What is the price in Prince Rupert?

Some people would say that buying a money-eating car instead of a 200 dollar heavy raincoat is a bad investment.

I’m intrigued now, what is it that you do that makes you enough money to hire people that carry you around?

:blush: Now I’m embarassed. Never mind what I do. Bad investment maybe-but it truly does suck to walk to work when the weather is awful.

its go up t0 $2.00 shorty, for my little car it will cost 70.00 to fill up every 2 weeks, right now its about 37.00 to fill up. Im glad i dont own a SUV …i laugh at all those big trucks and new mucsle cars coming out, u need to be a worth millions to drive those things…

Who here uses premium gas besides me… I want to cry :frowning: I love my car but i think this is the end.

I’ve invested in very good rain gear (coat and pants and boots). I walk to work nearly every day. My wife and I own one car (use to have two but sold it last summer). Walking to work is a great investment as long as you don’t need a car for work.

Now I say with pride “my other car is a pair of boots!”