Fuel Prices!?

Ok, I have to ask, whats your current Fuel Price in Rupert right now?

Ours over the pond just hit 121p per Litre… Not good :frowning:

Where is that?  But here it’s still 107.9

Ita some where in the UK…121 p?
Wow…thats roughly $2.40 a litre…

Oh, yeah, sorry, thats in the UK (Central London)… Soo… about $2.40 a litre! Cost me a fortune to fill my car up today :frowning:

Ouch!  Sorry to hear that.  Well, at least u don’t have snow there.  It’s crazy here in Rupert.

96.9 per litre in Alberta (was 91.9 a week ago)

Tomorrow (friday) is due to be the hottest day of the year so far! Infact, this afternoon I was laying in Hyde Park in shorts, drinking some nice cold beer… :smile:

Current exchange is C$1=65p, so about $1.85/L

god i don’t get why alberta has cheaper gas and half the tax …

i guess us british columbia residents pay what we call scenary  tax or in the kootenays whats known as sun t

Alberta doesn’t have a Provincial Tax.  I am assuming–maybe wrongly–that BC has an added Provincial Tax which makes gas a bit more costly.

GST and Carbon Tax are included in the gas price.

Us people in GVRD also pay the Translink fuel tax on top of that, plus having to go through AirCare if you have a car older than 7 years from the manufacturing date, and more if that car failed the AirCare diagnostics.

So… be thankful that you’re living outside the lower mainland AND paying less for gas. =.=’

Fuel is exempt from the PST… until the HST kicks in. x_x

yeah my gas guzzling 360 V8 doesnt have more than a flowmaster on it for exhaust ha ha

Gas is the same in the north as it is the GVRD, which is bullshit, its just gouging.  we should be paying less that the lower mainland because they have the 13cent translink tax…yet we pay the same!!! buncha BS  :angry:

Replace “gas” with “stuff in my store” and see if it still makes sense.

$ 1.05 here in the Kamloops area. It’s the same price as last spring. When May long weekend comes it will be higher…

It’s 105.9 here in Victoria. A few weeks ago it was 107.9.

radio stations should have giveaways when gas prices are the same as their call numbers lol

Come July 1st we’ll be paying and extra 7% HST on top of the price.  If we had the HST already we would be paying $1.15

This summer i predict $ 1.50 + at some point 

Stop being cheap, who cares what the price is, it goes up, it goes down.  People that complain about gas prices are going to be them grumpy old people that nobody likes. 

If gas prices went up 1 cent for a year, you might pay an extra 12 bucks… Thats if you fill up once every 2 weeks.