FRUSTRATION! (Firefox 3)

Ugh, I really dislike firefox 3. Ever since I downloaded it, none of my apps work, Some of them work sometimes. And others just don’t work at all.
I’ve tried un installing them, and then re installing them. Doesn’t work.
I’ve tried un installing Firefox and re installing it. Nope, no dice there either.

I’ve looked on the mozilla forums, a few people have been having similar problems with their apps. But all the technical mumbo jumbo just confuses me.

I don’t know what to do. I miss my stumbleupon. :cry:

LOL too funny…hahahahaha

I just deleted firefox 3 for the same reason and went back to firefox 2

thats so funny…lol :smiley:

My friend has ff3 and no problems.

Where can I find the old firefox anyhow?

For some reason the Google “Get FF” button on our webpage still dishes out v2.0

Isn’t there anything else I can do other than getting an older version?
I know I’m not the only one having this problem, shouldn’t it be dealt with?

I dunno.

Not really.  The only ones that can “deal” with it are Mozilla.  All you can do is downgrade and wait until they patch 3.

I’ve had the opposite experience.  FF3 is faster and uses less RAM, especially with multiple tabs.

I’ve had no problem with plugins written for Firefox 3.

Stumpleupon works just fine too:

You just need to use the one written for Firefox 3 instead of the older plugins.

Yes.  FF3 is noticeably faster for me as well.  No problems over here.

Nope, that didn’t work either. no tool bar, nothing. I can’t even change the settings for stumbleupon. Firefox also likes to hang around in the memory or whatever sometimes after it’s closed. So I have to go into the task manager and close it myself. My friend is having that same problem as well.

There’s a damn good reason why I don’t like change. This is why.
Keep things the way they are!!!

Sounds more like a Windows problem to me.  You have a trojan or some spyware on there that’s not cooperating.  Firefox 3 with stumbleupon works just fine for me.

Download spybot search and destroy, update it first, then do a full scan.

[quote]There’s a damn good reason why I don’t like change. This is why.
Keep things the way they are!!![/quote]

That’s pretty ironic.  Someone posting on the internet about how they hate change.  I guess you could just write a letter to the editor on an old fashioned typewriter and ask them why your telegraph machine isn’t working? 

Further irony:  if your computer has spyware on it, you probably got it from visiting random sites using …  stumbleupon!

I also have 0 problems with FF3.

Screenshots of Firefox 3 running stumbleupon in both XP and Vista, just fine.

Which anti-virus and spyware software do you use?

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I’ve found FF3 to be very snappy. I like it a lot and I’m happy I installed it.

Screenshot of FF 3.01 running stumbleupon in Slackware Linux.

[attachments over a year old automatically deleted]

Screenshot of FF 3.01 running stumbleupon in Slackware Linux.[/quote]

I just had to . . .

NO YOU DIDN’T! lol :smiley:

I use AVG free.
And as I said before, I’m not the only person who’s having the same problem.
I’ve been into the Mozilla forums. There’s several threads stating that other people are having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM AS I AM. and alot of them don’t state that they use Stumble upon as an addon.

If you want proof, HERE

Maybe some of you can understand some of the suggestions in there.

Yes, a lot of people have computer problems, and a lot of them are related to spyware and trojans, etc.  Did you download Spybot Search and Destroy and update & run it?  A lot of people on those forums are describing pretty classic malware symptoms – especially the corrupted dlls.

Clearly Stumpleupon works just fine on Firefox 3.  We can all seem to run it without any problems.  What’s different between us and you?  We’re not using your computer.

It doesn’t work your computer because something’s wrong with your computer.  If you don’t want to accept that as a fact, then there’s not much you can do to fix it.  Are you getting error messages?

Nope, no error messages.

Just isn’t there. It’s installed, but it doesn’t show up.
Same with foxytunes, it only shows up sometimes.


PS I’ve always had spybot search and destroy and I update it and run it more than most would. I also do registry cleanups and defrag, and I do virus scans as well.
I take care of my computer.

Just updated and ran spybot
Only one issue, fixed, nothing happened with firefox. :unamused: