Friends, we have lost, but not by a lot

Friends, we have lost, but not by a lot. It was successful in one sense.

Let’s stop talking about the Reform Party… err… Socreds… errr…
Liberals of British Columbia. Let’s talk about us. 38% of us have voted
in favour. We fought a good battle and we did manage to clearly show
what we wanted. We lost by a tiny margin.

What do you do? Well, you roll up your sleeves and you begin all over

I would have liked for me to have won. I would really have loved for to
have won. We were so close to having our own pizza pocket packing
plant. Imagine, Tang for everyone!

Well, it’s just put off for a short while, not for a long time. We won’t
wait another 4 years this time, oh no. What has happened is wonderful.
In one meeting after another, these people who had said the future of
our Pizza Pocket isn’t that important were coming along and saying we want
that Tang of our own. And we will get it. We will end up with our
own drink crystals.

It’s true we have been defeated, but basically by what?

By money and the ethnic vote. And those fucking teachers.

All it means is that in the next round, instead of us being 60 or 61
per cent in favour, we’ll be 63 or 64 per cent. And perhaps I won’t tell
as many people to “get a life” in the next round.

My Friends, at this point in the coming months . . . there were people
who were so afraid that the temptation to seek revenge is going to be

Never will it be so important to have a Social Credit… BC Liberal,
that is government to protect us till the next round. The building of
the Tang dynasty of the North Coast remains the cement that binds us.
We want Pizza Pockets and Tang and we shall have it.

Now, my friends, we are entering another stage during which each and
every one of us will want to put our fists on the table not to mention
anything else, but let’s stay calm. Let us resist any provocation. As
the Premier of British Columbia was saying a few days ago, we’re going
to really have to work through this. Let us be calm, let us smile. The
next round is just around our corner and we are going to have our Pizza
Pockets and Tang.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you younger people out there voted in
the immense majority in favour of Pizza Pockets and Tang. But now I’m
talking to battle veterans, people of my own age who have been seeking
Pizza Pockets and Tang for years and years, and I’m telling you don’t be
discouraged. The young people are just staring in the battle, it’s just
a slight setback, they’re going to be successful in the long run. But
you veterans remain in the fray because we need all of you.

In the coming days people are going to speak out against us, they will
say we don’t know what we want, it is just the way it always was. But it
is not. Don’t forget that 38% of us voted for me. It wasn’t quite enough
but very soon it will be enough. Our Pizza Pockets and Tang is within
our grasp. Be calm. Be smiling even if that doesn’t come easily, and
bear in mind that from this solidarity among people from the right and
the left, the solidarity among people from the Chamber of Commerce and
the Rotary Club, the unemployed and those who have $6/hour jobs,
altogether. Here in Prince Rupert we are not going to sacrifice
ourselves in that movement to the left that the rest of British Columbia
is taking.

We are going to demonstrate that we are able, even if we
don’t have Pizza Pockets and Tang as yet, that we will raise a McCain’s
frozen food society that has its heart in the right place, and in the
long run, finally, we will have our own revenge and we will have our own
Pizza Pockets and Tang. Long live hope, long live Bill Belsey!

Obviously not Belsey, but funny anyway.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this as a speech somewhere…

PIZZA POCKETS AND TANG!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Burn, Belsey, burn.

[quote=“MiG”]Obviously not Belsey, but funny anyway.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this as a speech somewhere…[/quote]

personal attacks are great.

Hope you see the irony there, dude.

Belsey lost the election because he attacked people who disagreed with him. ie: “get a life.”

And if you don’t know where the speech comes from, maybe do a bit of searching with google.

Where’s the personal attack, by the way?

no no, just the fact of saying he’s a clown and such, just seems unfair it’s like if Gary Coons lost and I posted something making fun of him.

I’m not arguing anything I’m just thinking you guys don’t like Bill very much which is your own opinion, yet some people who wanted the Liberals to win may get offended by your comments.

Um, I think you misunderstand.

Bill Belsey is a clown, as in – he is a clown. It says so on his webpage. That’s not an insult, it’s what he does, apparently. He should be a proud member of the Skeena Clown Unit, I’m sure they do good work.

Bill is a member of Rotary International, an active member of the Gizeh Temple and the Skeena Clown Unit.[/quote]

He’s proud to be a clown, and so he should be.

As for the posting about the Pizza Pockets and Tang, well, that’s a long running joke on HTMF. Nothing personal against Mr. Belsey. Somebody (maybe 3 years ago or earlier) started posting as Belsey, and often used “pizza pockets and tang” in their postings. In my opinion, they always portrayed him in a hip and funny way. I’m pretty sure I know who posted as Belsey in the past too…

As for people getting offended by my comments? How about Belsey’s comments? They offended me.

And Jacques Parizeau’s speech? That offends you too? Well, that wasn’t me. But I liked it so much, I made him my new avatar.

Bill Belsey as a clown, that must be were he learned the art of deception, just like he’d make a kid think he is pulling a quarter out from behind his ear.

No that didn’t offend me, and I remember the old postings of Bill Belsey, and I find it funny that it’s trying to make him hip due to his dynamic personality. (sarcasim)

I just find that the majority of this site is anti-liberal; and to each their own. I didn’t know about the clown comments therefore I felt you were making fun of his appearance, and his personality.

I just hope everything continues to run smoothly in this region, not like the old rut it was in before.

I regularly call Belsey a clown, and I had no idea about the Skeena Clown Unit thing =)

So you make fun of the guy on the internet? big man. Feel free to delete this post like you did my last.


Don’t be a hypocrite:

From: viewtopic.php?t=4224


Bill Belsey is a clown.[/quote]

He looks it too, look at that hair! hahahahahahahahaha![/quote]

Not to mention the other stuff you’ve posted and I’ve deleted.

I love it when guys disagree about ridiculous things on the internet, it makes me wet.


[quote=“MiG”]Hope you see the irony there, dude.

Belsey lost the election because he attacked people who disagreed with him. ie: “get a life.”

And if you don’t know where the speech comes from, maybe do a bit of searching with google.

Where’s the personal attack, by the way?[/quote]

The only person he told to “get a life” was Gary Coons because he was being an asshole towards him and I wouldnt have blamed Belsey if he said something alot worse.


Don’t be a hypocrite:

From: viewtopic.php?t=4224


He looks it too, look at that hair! hahahahahahahahaha!

Not to mention the other stuff you’ve posted and I’ve deleted.[/quote]

I have no personal issues with the guy, I was just pointing out that his hair looks rediculous.

you can’t win arguing with him man :frowning:

To hell with the local politics.
Just when you think she couldn’t get hotter, Belinda Stronach ditches the only thing you could hold against her… now I really want to hold myself against her and be her man-slave…

So, you say that I’m a “big man” for making fun of him, but what does that make you?

Where did I make fun of him, by the way? By disagreeing with his politics? I’ve never made fun of his hair, or his appearance.

I’d say you just don’t know the difference between a personal attack and a political one. Either that, or you’re confusing me with somebody else.

If you’ll look back through my posts, you’d see that I even complimented Belsey, and said that he had visited my class, etc. At no point did I personally attack him – you’re the one making fun of his appearance.