Friends, we have lost, but not by a lot


[quote=“MiG”]Hope you see the irony there, dude.

Belsey lost the election because he attacked people who disagreed with him. ie: “get a life.”

And if you don’t know where the speech comes from, maybe do a bit of searching with google.

Where’s the personal attack, by the way?[/quote]

The only person he told to “get a life” was Gary Coons because he was being an asshole towards him and I wouldnt have blamed Belsey if he said something alot worse.[/quote]

Actually… Bill Belsey said some rather uncool things to the guys he worked with at the mill a few years back. Belsey was just starting his political stint and the guys asked him what was going to happen to the mill, and their jobs, to which Belsey replied “Who cares, I’ll be in office.”

well at any rate, we’ll have to wait for years to see what kind of job Gary Coons actually does. I doubt any of you know, including myself, how difficult being an MLA really is and you have to commend Bill Belsey for giving it a try. Now it’s Coons’ turn.

Bill Belsey DIDN’T try though, at least at being honest.

haha burn buddy

Change can be good and the NDP are the people who will stir the pot. Especially when it comes to the environment. I’m glad Bill is out. I care more about living on this earth for a long time, then riping up our earth just for the $$.

Personally I don’t think anyone realizes the severity of the fact that Bill Belsey is no longer at bat for this city of ours. Hopefully the port still flies, and the mill and the tourism and EVERYTHING else he fought for!! Clown or no Clown. And as too the honesty thing, what polition is HONEST!! If gary Coons is 100 % honest in the next 4 yrs, well I do beleive that would mark a record!!! And as for the$$$ coment, sorry buddy but after 5 long years of this town suffering MONEY TALKS PAL!!! Money, unfourtunatly is EXACTLY what this town NEEDS, Im not sure what hippy block your from but I don’t wanna be poor no more!!! LIVE LONG AND FIGHT HARD PRINCE RUPERT!!

The port is still going through, Coons knows that and if he tries to change that, he will have many reprocussions due to the public wanting it.

Ya but will he be able to get money for this town??

Why wouldn’t he get the money you’re talking about? Liberal backlash? This is such petty attitude. The Port money didn’t only come from them!! If they pull out, they’ll be responsible for the collapse, not Coons, not the Prince Rupert voters. What you’re suggesting is so 1950 in terms of politics that if it happens, it’s a shame.
Face it bec, if the liberals had a better quality candidate in PR, they would have won. Think about it, they ignored the riding for most of their last term, the MLA, Belsey, is barely visible ( don’t tell me he was “working behind the scenes” that’s bs!) Then as soon as the election campaign starts, Bang! Prince Rupert is the place to be and the liberals open up long overdue funding with the federal governement (which by the way sent money this way even if Cullen isn’t a liberal!) .
And despite all that, Belsey lost and the liberal supporters still think he was the best man??? Come on! I am sure that in four years, the liberal candidate will be a good one, able to take on Coons and then Rupert will be in good shape because no matter what, a good representative for the region will be in Victoria, not a drone backbencher like Belsey.

Fought for?? Go ask Don Krusel and the Port Authority how long and hard Bill Belsey fought for our port as opposed to the last 20 years they’ve spent working on it.