Found Cat (kitten) 1100 block of 7th East

This cat just happend to show up on my doorstep sometime this early morning…crying :frowning: …I thinks its LOST cause it will not leave my house.

White & Orange, female cat possibly a Calico cat and just a kitten 5-8mths. It is very friendly and looks likes its taken care of… it also has a loud meow!

I have taken it to my nearest nighbours on the block to see if anyone knows of it and nothing. Also have borught it to our SPCA to see if they can take it and was turned away because they say they are to full :confused: they say just leave it where i found it…on my door step…Ummmmm nope!.. and it will find its way home or the owners will find it? I told them that I do not want this cat to sit at my front door for days crying till the owner finds it or the cat leaves.
They also told me that i can take it to the vet to be put down? Im not going to do that, as this is someones pet. Poor lil bugger.

So if anyone knows of a missing White and Orange cat around the 1100 block of 7th and 6th east area please call 250-624-6225 or my Cell at 250-624-1615

Thank you :smiley:

Can you get a picture of it up on here?

If you don’t have a digital camera, I’m sure one of the lurking heroes around here might be able to help you out.

Also, take a picture of it, and put an ad in the classifieds. That’s what we did when a cat showed up at our door, the owners came and got it.

We still have the cat mind you, he decided he liked it here and wouldn’t stay at his actual place.

maybe it’s an abused kitty. then maybe you want to think twice about giving it back D:

I have been trying to find someone from the SPCA who is really in charge of things which go on because I do not like the answer or suggestions you got

The SPCA is always chalked full of cats.
ALWAYS. There isn’t anything they can do. I used to volunteer there all the time.
If people would spay and neuter their cats, and not get pets they can’t or don’t want to take care of. Then there wouldn’t be a problem.
But again, I’m speaking of a utopian society. And we all know that will never happen.  :unamused:

What else would you suggest Justin Case?

I emailed to the chair of the society because I know there are two free kennels up stairs as of yesterday. I have been phoning her as well.

WoW!.. thanks for all your responses and help :smiley:

Iam at work tonight but will have pic’s up first thing in the morning when i get home.

This poor lil kitty needs a home :smiley:

Love my cat and do not like hearing stuff re lost cat or just being mistreated. I will keep trying and if not we can get it together tomorrow as early as possible.

thanks Justin Case

I have two cats of my own, I feel the same way.
I would love to take this cat into my home, but 3 cats is a bit to much for me to take care of and its someones else’s pet.

I will be around tomorrow feel free to call antime or if you hear of anything…cheers :smiley:

I think you should do everything you can to find the owners before you give it to the SPCA.
Sometimes cats just wonder off by themselves, it doesn’t mean it’s being mistreated.
I live on herman street. If anyone knows where that is. My cats previous owners, live on conrad street, It’s a four hour hike for him, yet he did it all the time.

Cat’s are odd.

I wish a kitten would show up at my door.  I already have two cats, but I would love to have a kitten, but I don’t want to go out and get one, 'cause having three cats ON PURPOSE would be way too much… but if one just HAPPENED to show up on my door step, then I’d HAVE to take it in!  :smiley:

I have one of the kittens it was at our door step this morning, very cute very small and very friendly… I want it out, the wife wants it…errrggg…

here is a picture… :smiley:

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Awwww  it so cute.  I hope a Wolf didn’t eat its mama.

LOL no I don’t think so, someone placed these cats on peoples doors steps I live in the same area I’m sure there are other folk who left for work who found cats on their doorstep…

Dang it.  I’m just a couple blocks away, and no kitten on my doorstep!!!

Give me your address and ill leave her on your doorstep tonight… after wife goes to bed…
the kitten we received this morning is female, just in case you thought i was talking about my baby girl… :smiley:

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How much for the little girl? How much for the women?

here are the pic’s of this lil bugger

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