First Nations Support

For all First Nations who come to this board. Show your support tommorow morning at the Court House Front. 9:00 AM. IT will benifit us all. :smiley:

Why, what’s happening at the courthouse?

A peaceful demonstration. The News should be there too.

Of course the news will be there for what reasons I will not disclose.

For a peaceful demonstration, it’s sad that HTMF is the only place I’ve heard about it so far.

I love the fact that you would call out all Natives to a peaceful demonstration but not tell them what it’s for. Do you even know what it’s for or are you just blindly inviting people?

If it’s what I think it is then it’s to support some Native fisherman who are facing fishing charges.


But check it out NOW!

Does’nt matter now, WE WON!!!

So do you even know what you were protesting about?
Also, the government will always let you win.

Why did you check out the courthouse or not? Our Aboriginal RIGHTS is the VICTORY today!

4 : 20 : 05

Is an new begining for First Nations.

Well I was there. I’m not sure exactly what was won, but hell… if you think you won something then I say good for you!


CrazyMike, wellt than thanks for showin up. There was around 20 of us, but that’s good enough to make our voices heard . It’s better than noone showing up. But today is a stepping stone for all first nations…

Hey what was that Independents Day speech in 96’? THAT WAS PROUD! LOL!

Well, I wasn’t prepared to ditch my Biology and Calculus exam to fly to Rupert to watch a 20 person protest.

And tell me Hi Timez, when has the government ever infringed on the First Nations rights.

And THIS is a great success for everyone, everywhere, and at all times!

4 : 30 : 05

Is a new beginning for Lift Access (this season).

Hi Timez, you still haven’t clued us in on what issues you were protesting for.

There were alot of Flyers around town from the Tsimshian Gardians Group.

Answer this: What were you protesting for?

Corrupt_File wrote:

Since they started making regulations on fishing and othe sea resources for the better.
For the better for what?
Everything was fine before when we First Nations and others whom were fishing back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Now how much are we aloud? Almost next to nothing for a quota.

Here is a post from another board that was made public yesterday…

[quote] Tomorrow at 9AM the Tsimshian Guardians group will be holding a peaceful demonstration outside the Prince Rupert Courthouse. We want to get the message across that we no longer want DFO to manage our sea resources. Their mismanagement of various resources is undeniable.

The Band Council wishes for us to cancel the Protest. Noone has called us, talked to us, or asked us any questions about what we are doing. We will not cancel.

The purpose of the demonstration is not to “free” or “let off” our fellow band members. As mentioned above, we want to get the message across that we want the control of our Sea Resources back in Tsimshian Hands. Enough is Enough. We cannot leave the fate of our land and sea in foreign hands.

We apologize for the short notice, we had put fliers around town, if anyone wishes to come out and show their support they are more than welcome![/quote]

This is for a couple of First Nations members that we accused of trying to poach a certain shellfish, but only had a few and it was to feed there families.

The outcome which was good, will BENIFIT all first nations.

We don’t dive to do fishing like others. Who almost whiped out abalone?
Was’nt us? I don’t think we had diving fear for our people back in the 80’s when the abalone started depleting.

Go figure!

I support the DFO and I am part native. So it is no wonder only 20 people showed up.

Why is it you believe you deserve more rights than others? Seriously… so fishing, catchign shellfish are part of your heritage… guess what they are part of every cultures heritage.