Federal Fall Election

The Fall election will be interesting. Two former Liberals will run as Independents.

Wilson-Raybould, Philpott to run as independents in 2019 federal election

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Remember if you want to send Ottawa a message and support Scheer’s environmental stance, make sure to get out Oct. 22 and vote!

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By pledging to lift moratorium on tanker traffic on BC’s North Coast?
And fast tracking pipelines?

This federal election is turning out to be a " much ado about nothing"

Unfortunately, I see a possible minority government. Advocates of this type of federal governing say it forces 2 parties to sit and hammer out legislation at the same time building relations and finding common ground with partisan parties.
I can only speak to the minority government at the provincial level. In BC it seems that the NDP are at the helm with the Greens being towed behind in a life raft.

I agree. I think things have shifted after the latest Liberal scandal. I think there’s a strong likelihood of a minority government.

Can anyone believe the polls? Not once has my cell rang with one, the landline only rings with them. How many NOT old farts even have a landline these days? How does that reflect they’re at all accurate? 5% of people with landlines are going to vote Green?
Half a million marched in Montreal.
And I read mock mock marchers were paid Thunberg victim of parental abuse, nazi poster child etc.
I hope the young crowd shows up and kicks these complacent bastards in the nuts like we did the “silent majority” when we were young…


I am disgusted that the man hoping to be elected to run one of the richest countries in the world is proposing to cut foreign aid by 25%. Shame! Shame!
And further disgusted by this:

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I voted on Friday; I certainly did not vote for Harper-lite. I don’t like Justin, but, I would rather have him as our PM than Scheer.

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