Federal Fall Election

Handguns are not a problem in Canada, RCMP already stated most of the handguns that are used for crime are smuggled in from the US, the reason for this is that handguns have to be registered, therefore the RCMP can trace the gun back to the owner, hence the smuggling part

Like Herbie said though, people inside of large metropolitan areas don’t know this and don’t care, hence the successful anti-gun campaign in Canada. AR-15s are registered and restricted the same as handguns in Canada and some would argue they’re not as harmful as handguns to begin with since the magazine capacity of all rifles is limited to 5, and 10 for pistols. You cannot take a handgun or restricted rifle anywhere other than the most direct route to and from your registered gun club/range, period. If you get stopped anywhere outside of that route and have either with you, it’s a big problem. That includes proper storage, etc at home with random inspections, so registered owners DO NOT screw around with that stuff.

The entire thing is ridiculous IMO.

I don’t agree with the Wexit bullshit. They whined when Harper was PM they whined when Mulroney was PM they whined when half the Liberal cabinet was from AB.
Alberta and Sask were never their own countries or self ruling colonies. Neither has a culture distinct from any other part of Canada. They have no distinct language.
Therefore they have no legit grounds to snivel about separation.

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The long knives are coming out…

Me thinks he’s done in April.
Jason Kenny???

Yes. The Cons are gunning for him. He could be done in April. Kenny has a better chance of surviving.

Kenny is no fool he will stay in Alberta and let someone else lose the next election, personally I think Lisa Rait would make a good candidate

Kenny’s popularity has fallen as of late.
50% of Albertans think negatively of him.

Not sure he’s feeling the love out West.

I thought lisa would be a no brainer but she seems to have lost traction.

That didn’t take long at all.

Got his fingers caught in the cookie jar.

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Apparently he was entitled to the top off when he moved.

A balanced budget does thinks like lower interest rates and reduce deficits.It also increases our borrowing power ( on all 3 levels of government ) The term " balanced " may seem unrealistic and vague but it’s necessary. On a municipal level, school districts need balanced budgets to receive funding.
Contrary to that,
JT got elected partly on the premise that he was actually going to have a few years of deficit to help deal infrastructure issues nationally.
Not sure we are recovering from that as our deficit has increased.
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