Favourite Restaurant in Prince Rupert?

This is my first post.  I haven’t seen any threads on this topic,  so I ask: what is your fav restaurant in PR and why?

For steaks I think CUs is the best.  They also cook at the golf course.
For pasta I like Zorbas.

Welcome to HTMF, luxor! :smiley:
I love Italian food, so my favourite restaurant in PR is La Cucina.  Absolutely fabulous lasagna, pizza, you name it;-)

I can’t believe that this topic hasn’t come up before, actually.

Solly’s is my favourite pub, La Cucina gets my vote for restaurant.

I eat the majority of my meals at the Portside Pub and Grill.

I eat the majority of my meals with a fork and knife but have been known to use shopsticks or my fingers…
No one restaurant is my fav… But I have been seen eating blue rare steak at the Crest… :smiley:

BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER:  Opa: A Japanese Sushi Story

Where is the Portside Pub and Grill Mason?

For the best dinner in town you can not beat the Cow Bay Cafe. I don’t eat there very often. Just on special occasions. It is fantastic.

For Best chinese food for your dollar, You can’t beat the West End Restaurant, :smile::slight_smile:
And for the Cheapest Pizza is La villa, I Love both Restaurants :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


For breakfast…Raffles is the best value and the food is good
Dinner is a tie between Breakers and La Cucina, it depends on what i feel like
La Cucina has hands down the best pizza in town. i hate panago now
same for pasta

it’s at  the Anchor Inn.

My favourite restaurant will be Pizza Hut at the end of June.  Why?  Because they will house a  mean buffet.  Woohoo… can’t wait.

It’s been a while, but here goes:

Cheapest edible breakfast: Raffles
Best breakfast: Crest
Lunch: Cow Bay Cafe
Best Fish & Chips: Smile’s
Best burgers: La Gondola or Green Apple
Best Chinese: Galaxy Gardens
Best other ethnic: Zorba’s (Indian), Opa Sushi (they’ll take the Pepsi challenge with even a lot of the sushi I’ve had here)
I was also quite impressed with Rain.

Bottom line: Rupert has some damn fine eating!

Smiles’ Fish & Chips is good but overrated ( I remember writing this line a few years ago!).  I don’t know if Boulet’s is still in operation but when they were in their first restaurant, their Fish & Chips were the best.  However, we stopped going there because we had kids and for some reason, it didn’t feel like kids were welcomed there.  Maybe it was just an impression.
The rest of your choices sound good to me but La Cucina would appear somewhere in my list.

Woohoo… can’t wait… Just what PR needs, another Pizza place

It was the “mean buffet” I was trying to emphasize.  I can guarantee that this particular feature in Pizza Hut being here in Prince Rupert will set the stage to a phenomena Prince Rupert hasn’t seen in years.  She’s going to be a hoppin place.

Speaking of best places for fish & chips?  I have been to smiles many a time and have always enjoyed my food, always.  A couple of weeks ago, it was recommended I try that Apple joint on McBride Street, so I did.  I ordered their two (large) pieces of fish and chips to go.  While I cannot rate the restaurant itself as I got my order to go, I can rate their food.  I’m not sure if it was the delicious tartar sauce or what, but their fish & chips is the bet I’ve had in years.  AND the price was extremely competitive to that of Smiles.  I still like the shellfish spread that Smiles offers, which is probably the best in world.  But for fish & chips?  I’ll get my to go from the apple joint on McBride street, anytime. 

Hey Guys…Is Breakers considered a restaurant or a sports bar? Regardless it is my fave eating spot…They make awesome soup du jour(only French I know!), their daily appy specials are a bargain and I just like the atmosphere maybe because I know the owners and feel comfy there and I can shoot a few games of pool between the main and dessert…Chocolate Lava Cheesecake anyone…To die for! Kudos to Bernie and Chuck…Anyway, my 2 cents worth! :smiley:

Does anyone else remember when Mr. Mikes was in the Ocean Centre mall?  Also there used to be a Greek restaurent called Cosmos I think in the Rupert Square around where the Post Office is now.  Also going way back wasn’t there a restaurant here called the Net Loft?
And what was the name of that drive-in which was out near the vet’s office?

On another subject I even remember when there was an outdoor movie drive-in on Wantage Road hahaha.  I saw Bonnie and Clyde there as a kid.  You hung the speakers on your car window.  :laughing:

The Tasty Freeze

Cheapest edible breakfast: Timmy’s Breakfast Sausage
Best breakfast: Rupert Hotel
Lunch: West End
Best Fish & Chips: Green Apple
Best burgers: La Gondola
Best Chinese: Stardust