Favorite Ice Cream

I’m here finishing off a generous bowl of probably the best buy-at-the-supermarket ice cream ever: 
[move][size=150][blue]Breyers, Double Churned, Extra Creamy, Natural Vanilla!!![/blue][/size][/move]
Sorry for opening a billy-style thread but this ice cream is so good, it has control over me and wants me to shamefully plug it!

I used to get a triple chocolate ice cream by Breyers but I haven’t been able to find it for a while. :cry:

We love Breyers!  I love Vanilla, my kids love chocolate.  It is all good. :smiley:

Ice cream makes me bloated and break out in acne.

I miss it though :frowning:

Ice cream makes me fat…but…I’m trying to cut down. :smiley:

A good friend turned me on to Haagen-Dazs’ Dulce de Leche ice cream a couple of years ago-it literally can make me weak in the knees to slowly melt a mouthful of that richly intense,creamy goodness…

That being said, I’ve yet to find it around here since we moved almost a year ago to the new place. I’m settling for Island Farms ice-cream, which I have to admit it is pretty damn good ice-cream. Their Maple-walnut flavour goes down well BUT I still jones for my Dulce!

video.aol.com/video-detail/tango … /169494631

That’s my better half’s favorite ice cream.  It’s funny because I’m the chocoholic in the family but Breyers’ natural vanilla is my favorite.

Saffron, that stuff sounds good.  Have you ever had Dulce de Leche?  I never did myself but I hear it is sublime in itself.  I always wanted to try making some out of condensed milk but never got around to it.

I’ve never had the real thing…I have thought of making it but keep picturing the can blowing up or something!  :smiley:

I will try to make it this weekend. 

Let me know how it turns out-I’ve been wanting to try it on waffles and fresh fruit. Or other things…


Aye caramba!
I think I’ll move this last post to the wasteland.  Too hot for me !!!

LOL :smiley:

mmmm…cotton candy or bubblegum ice cream for me :smiley::smiley:
haven’t had any in awhile tho, i’ve just been hooked on frozen yogurt :smiley::smiley:

Anyone remember northern white?

Their Death by chocolate was my absolute favorite. Served in a waffle cone, drools total mouthgasm material.

Ice Cream?

Sherbet is where the fun is!

Banana fudge!!! I had a friend on mission to find me some because they stopped selling it in stores years ago. Then one day the ex dragged me into an ice cream shop at the beach and they had it.

Thats probably the best thing she ever did for me  :sunglasses:

jesus, you surprised me.  As soon as I saw the words “banana fudge” I thought “here’s another wasteland post”.  But I continued reading and realized that this was  a legit post.  I guess you got us used to a certain response and we’re just not used to regular kind of posting.

I had that at Rain a while ago.  It was one of the best deserts I’ve ever had. 

I’m all about setting extremely low expectations so I can easily exceed them.

I’m a particularly big fan of Baskin Robbins’ jamocha almond fudge.  Popping shower is interesting in a textural sense–not exactly sure of the flavour of the ice cream itself, but it has pop rocks in it which makes it interesting.

One flavour I really miss is tiger.  Haven’t had it in ages.