Favorite Ice Cream


It’s an acquired taste.  Like scotch I suppose…

Being semi-fat, this is a topic I can really get behind.  My faves are chocolate chip cookie dough, creamsicle, and french vanilla.  They don’t sell creamsicle down here like it is up there, at least not around where I’m living.  It’s more like neopolitan, with the flavors separate, instead of swirled together.  :frowning:

That sounds really lame actually.
(the Creamsicle ice cream not the fat comment.)

I beg to differ, you don’t have to be fat to enjoy a treat such as a bowl of ice cream :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, very lame.  I want my creamsicle swirl dammit.  :frowning:

Breyers triple chocolate is usually available at Henry’s BY Market by the scoop. It is also my favourite.

mmmm, scotch ice cream.  Would it be single malt or blended?

MMMMM…i LOVE tiger!!! it was only like the BEST ice cream ever!!! i totally forgot about that one ! :smiley:

I made some Dulce de Leche today.  It easy yet complicated.  I followed the recipe from the site I posted earlier.  The problem is that it’s hard to tell when it’s ready.  I wanted to make the runny  kind and it said to cook it for an hour and a half.  After that time, I couldn’t really tell if it was ready and I stuck a toothpick inside the little hole to see if I could tell by the change in colour.  I left it to cook longer.  Then I got tired of it and decided it didn’t work. So I took it off the stove, open the can and, after I got ride of the top milky layer, BAM! Dulce de Leche.  Nice brown colour.  Great taste.  The only problem is I stopped it in between times so it was not runny but not yet the thicker consistency it’s supposed to be after 4 hours.
Good with pieces of apple.  Great on top of [move][size=150][blue]Breyers, Double Churned, Extra Creamy, Natural Vanilla!!![/blue][/size][/move]

I like chocolate Chip Cookie dough, cookies and cream ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream. either one is  fine or all 3 in one dish is even better

Thanks for letting me know, BigThumb-since I want the runnier type of Dulce, I’m going to go for the shorter time. I’ll buy a can tomorrow and see if I can create some of that yummy goodness for the waffles on Sunday morning.

Thanks! :smiley:

Chocolate.  I rember Dairyland use to sell a Banana Fudge Ripple but I can’t find it anymore.  Thant was the best.  YUMM!!!

ice cream is my downfall…i can eat it anytime, anywhere!! I LOVE IT!
Chocolate has to be my fav…but I will eat anything except coffee flavored. I recently tried this Vanilla chocolate ripple which was amazing!

I would say about 1.5 hours would be good.  It’s tough to gage when to take it out exactly.  There is a milky film that seems to appear on top as the water content is reduced. 
I had some tonight and it’s very good cold.  I’ll spread some on toast tomorrow morning.

Wasabi ice cream…

I actually had some of that last weekend in Shizuoka.  It was pretty good.  I even had one where it was just vanilla ice cream with freshly grated wasabi, not just the stuff from the green can.

But I have to say the absolute WORST ice cream I have ever had was the beer-flavoured ice cream my friend once ordered at a French restaurant.  It was HORRIBLE!

choco-chip cookie dough flavor

The only problem I have is, I hate whipped ice cream. I want SOLID ice cream. Stuff you have to jab the spoon into. Stuff that doesn’t melt fast.
But IT seems to me, that all of the ice cream now is all whipped, any type you get at the grocery stores short of hagen daas is about 35% air.


just end this stupid thread already