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I know there is another thread about the Extra Foods/No Frills stuff but I wanted to start a new one that was free of all the clutter and had more information for the employees. I work at the store and have been trying to get people to sign a petition that was started to have UFCW international investigate the actions of our local 1518. Whenever I post letters around the store they get ripped down by the union immediately. I decided to post on her as I know a number of people read it and maybe the message will be able to reach more employees. I want them to know they have a choice besides sitting around waiting for the doors to close.

Here is the letter I posted. More info later.

There is a petition circling around the store that will basically get UFCW International Union to help us resolve our issues with the current situation. They are giving us a chance to save our jobs. If you do not care the store is closing or you do care and just don’t know how to help please sign the petition and let’s get some help to save the jobs for the people who still want to work and do not want to see 50 people out of work. I want my job, and I know other people do too so please sign it, even if u don’t care what happens, think of the other staff and how hard we are fighting to keep our jobs. This is the last chance we have.

Your right there is anouther post, and I think this subject is pretty much dead, doors are closing in a few weeks :frowning:

The whole UFCW international and local union really shit the bed on this one. Internation must be fine with the lose of dues and pension contributions, as well as voice.

Listen its not over, not all of us want to give up our jobs and the money that we deserve. The International Union oversees the other locals and does not agree with or think what local 1518 has done is right in one way. The only problem is that can’t launch an investigation until the majority of members ask for it. I will keep fighting til the doors close and I have to look for work elsewhere. Not all of us can afford to lose $75 000 or qualify to have the union pay for our “cuban vacations”.


We are close to geting all the signatures we need, we need about 5 more, the only problem is not getting to see all the employees as the hours are cut back so much due to the pending closure. If you know of any employees who work at the store let them know about this thread!

In June last year upper Loblaw management came to our store and announced they would no longer fun an Extra Foods as it wasn’t viable in our poor economy. The would be seeking a No Frills Contract and conversion they felt it was the best fit for Rupert.

After that, here are some key points of contention that the people of this petition had with our local:
•They did not recognize the contract Darcy had presented and kept bringing for the old extra foods contract instead of making suggestions to the offer.
•They said we could not strike.
•The blocked 2 attempts at a vote on the offer made to us without even explaining the offer to us. A vote and resounding “NOâ€

You’re so desperate for a shit job?
You’re actually spending time and working and lobbying to have a shittier job than the one you have?
Why not apply a little effort towards a “better” one?

What you don’t seem to understand gameon is although we are sorry for the employees losing their jobs, we as Rupertites seem to accept such store closings as the norm for our town and have moved on.  I have spoken to a couple of the employees and they are just anxious to have it all over and done with so they can get on with their lives.  Most of them right now are plain bored having to work a shift with not much to do.

What are you smokin?  You work in a grocery store making $75 K?

Obviously your elected union executive feels that its an inferior contract and its not even worth bringing to its membership.  
You my friend have fallen into a union busting trap.  They are trying to divide the membership.  And it sounds like they are doing a FANTASTIC job.

The cornerstone of a strong union is UNITY.  They are bustin you guys up and you are at the core of the division…

The town cant currently support three grocery stores…and unfortunatly…yours has to go.

You guys are prety hasty ,  cutting this guy down .

And for eployees ,  being part of a union means you have to fight for your rights
If you lie down and get run over,  thats spineless. 

Take it with honour, stand with your  " union" nomatter where that union is , otherwise,  the way were goin now and how spineless people are,  everyone is going to be workin for $8.00 an hour or not at all .

Hhhhhhhmmmmmm I wonder where people go to work,  after there ei has run out after loosing there job in the forest industry and fishing industry ?

A: Most go into low paying jobs , usually some sort of retail or restrants because theres not much else .

With spelling like that I would’nt even hire you in a restaurant nor a retail position…

Pot------>Kettle  :smile:

how to use its

I fight because I was getting a good ammount of money for a lot of years of service. I fight because the members in our unit do not get to make decisions its the the union reps who make all the choices for us. As I said the International union doesn’t think the steps our local has taken make sense or are right. Now if if UFCW international thinks local 1518 is making bad choices and 1518 is doing everything in there power to keep the possible move to UFCW 247 under wraps then why should we “go along with em no matter what”? and $75k was the buyouts offered to the long term eployees. If you weer offered $75000 to leave your jobs that is going to close or go to a low paying “shit job” wouldn’t you take it or do what you could to get the cash?

Seriously, I can’t even comprehend what you’re talking about.

Are you trying to say that you’re fighting to get the $75,000 severance, or keeping a job that’s fit for a student?

You know it’s better for you to accept the severance or at least apply for EI, so you can use that to make yourself relevant to the current economic climate and better equip for the future.

There is no severance, the money was what you got for converting to no frills, you could stay employed or quit and still get your cash. When the store closes, I along with everyone else get nothing because they gave us notice in lieu of pay. I don;t know where people in Rupert are getting all these high paying jobs but %15’h seems like pretty good money to me. Maybe there is better and I missed the postings at career resources or in the daily news but a job is better than no job.

go apply at the ferries and move on  :unamused:

May be ask bill belsey for a job he seems to have the answer.

There are not many jobs in Rupert so you either go back to school and retrain or as many people are finding they must do, go where the jobs are.  Easier said than done, I know, but sitting on your thumbs crying over the lack of a job or moving on, I’d take the latter. I don’t know what high paying jobs you are speaking of gameon , I think many Rupertites are living paycheque to paycheque and that is a scary place to be.  Wish you Good Luck though !