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Thank you Cody, was being sarcastic though. people keep saying get a better job, a job that pays better etc. I live in Rupert and I don’t really want to leave town so $15/h is manageable to me. I’d like to get some retraining but until the port takes off those skills would probably sit on a bookshelf for lack of application in our town :S


Thats great becuase i haven’t and never will work retail or in a restrant ha ha ha

I make $25 and hour why the fuck would i go be a slave for $8 ha ha ha
not to mention no one breathes down my neck lol

Spell Check !  Spell Check !!    :unamused:  Where do you work that allows such spelling and grammar ?

And this is why those with the good jobs are hated by those who didn’t have the right connections or who  didn’t just happen into the right job.  Best to just count your money rather than  act like a jerk.  

Every job counts doesn’t matter 8 a hour or 100 a hour we to
respect everyone who is trying to make a living.

Just being mean are we?

This has nothing to do with it,  I make $32 hr if were counting.  I worked my arse off to get it,  people can hate me for it. But only themselves to blame for where they are in life.  I started working for 4.25 in my youth,  worked my way up.  No connections,  or right place right time.

After all…  “No matter where you go,  there you are”  Buckaroo Bonzai

Well that’s a nice little arrogant statement, a tad devoid of the reality around this place. You should be careful there, people have been known to suffer nosebleeds from such heights. 

I work for where I am, and hold no shame,  or pride over that fact.  Anyone can get a good paying job if they put in the effort.  Or they can just sit and complain about how everyone else has the good jobs.

I got the job in this place in this reality,  as did alot of my coworkers.

And yes,  your post reads a little like a threat.  Not nice.  Internet bully.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually some general labour jobs pay in the range between $15/h to $30/h ± benefits; depending what kind of credentials you carry.


And BTW expat, there’s no shame to work where you’re at now and the compensation you’re entitled to. Being paid $32/h? That’s awesome.  :-D

Well putting aside you and your friends beliefs and such, since we’re not privy to how you and the gang gained employment, I’ll just work on your concerns on the “threat” aspect of your latest post.

The reference to nosebleed not one of inferred violence, but rather was more along the lines of a reference to the rarefied air that you seem to dwell, where of course nose bleeds would be common, so don’t worry you’re pretty little head there, you have nothing to fear from moi.

We are a compassionate poster and wish no ill will on that topic, though we suggest a little of the same to those who don’t share you and your friends fortunate state might be of interest to you .

I do like that quote" No matter where you go, there you are ".  You do only get out of life what you put into it, that is a given, but that being said, aside from dedication and commitment to your goals, a little luck or an unforseen opportunity can carry you a little ways along that journey also.

Like someone has already posted to the original poster, put all this energy into looking for more gainful employment.  He does seem to be intelligent,  so he should go out and just do it.

Longshoremen??  :smiley:

No,  two reasons, 

1)  They make more than me I think,  and

2)  I said I worked hard.

Two responses then  :smiley:

They make around 32 and hour…depending on the shift and the job rating, it actually seems quite complicated  :stuck_out_tongue:

bhwhahahaha…although not all are lazy - many of them do work very hard

i work for my wage i longshore . yes some are lazy like any job . but i know i work for my wage. get over it everyone had the oppurtunity to get this job  :smiley:

  Well you and the rest are going to have to work harder by the sounds of the negotiations going on.I hope status quoe is good for most over the next 3 years and the U.A. does not seek huge raises on any parts of the contract. It would be a shame right now to grease the tracks of that gravy train.

contract always expires without it being signed on time