Eagles Cliff

Where is eagles cliff ?  directions,  entry point would be nice if you know.

It’s that cliff that’s above the Rushbrooke trail that connects Rushbrooke with the seaplane base area.  There is a trail to get up the cliff from the trail or you can get to it through the back yards of houses along Overlook I think. 

I wouldn’t attempt that trail if I were you.  Tried it a couple of years back and unless they have performed some miracle renos, even the stairs leading to the trail were treacherous and it is muddy as hell.  Can hardly see the trail anymore, ended up in someones backyard!  You don’t mean Eagles Bluff, do you?  That is right down in Cow Bay and the eagles are back  :smiley:

      I have an idea for ya expat@htmf…  go to Ops Sushi and enjoy some lunch, and then go out the back deck and you’ll be able to see the eagles in the trees up there in that area. Last year we sat on the back deck, and watched the eagles hang out and you can walk into the small wooded area up there and get a closer look, just gotta respect their ( eagles ) space… it was really cool…

Thanks,  it is not eagles I am after, Some might remember the old drinking spot from the 90’s  near overlook.

Codybear, there are many that still use the trail as dangerous as it is. My girlfriend walks her dog as do many other citizens, it is a beautiful trail and  it would be wonderful to see the trail become safe for all to enjoy, especially on sunny days.  :smile:

The little pic nic area, about half way through the trail? I haven’t been down there in ages. Well, since my teenager days haha.

Maybe I am thinking of the wrong one  :confused: I was thinking of the one that runs off the road before the Coast Guard Station across from the heliport at Seal Cove.  The stairs are there and a little bridge which seems soggy but passable but then, all hell breaks loose !!  Must be speaking of a different trail !  I still wish they would repair the Rushbrook Trail as the sign has promised it was completed since June 2008  :unamused: Where did that $350,000 go?

Codybear, I thought the Rushbrooke trail was the one from Rushbrooke to Maclean ship yard. I maybe wrong?  That is the trail I was thinking.

So, we seem to be speaking of two different trails then.  Rushbrook is the one from McLeans to Rushbrook Marina, the one with the sign that states it was “completed” at a cost of $350,000 as of June 2008.  :unamused: The one I was referring to is down at Seal Cove as you are walking towards the Coast Guard Base, on the right side, there is a walkway and stairs, the path seems fine for a few minutes and then YIKES  !  Very dangerous but as I said, I ended up in someones’ backyard.  It must back onto the homes at the far end of 8th. East.  So, where is the Eagles Cliff trail then?

I know not to go hiking with you anywhere that seems wild.

  HaHa J.C. LOL !  Walking with me anywhere, you’re taking a walk on the wild side  :smiley:

Eagle’s Cliff is a above the Rushbrook trail.  From one point at it’s northern edge you can look down on Rushbrook Marina.  It  can be accessed from a couple of spots, one being the trail that connects Overlook St. to Rushbrook. 

I’ve never been down this trail that connects Overlook to rushbrook… And I live very near there…

Where is the trail from Overlook Street to Rushbrook Floats?

Wrong end of Overlook.  That’s the stairs at the north end of Overlook.  They lead to Herman St and Rushbrook Ave.   

The Overlook to Rushbrook Floats trail is as follows: As you turn off 6th and onto Overlook, there is a short little deadend lane almost imediately on your left.  If you walk past the yellow and black checkered deadend sign there’s a path that leads down to the Rushbrook Floats.  It comes out almost right where the jersey barries used to be on the actual tracks. 

That being said, I have no clue what shape its in.  Some 10-15 years I used to walk that trail every day in the summer.  Cut a bucket load of time off my walk to work (Overlook to Ocean Fish).  Anyways, about half way down the Overlook to Rushbrook trail you can veer off north into the bushes and there is another trail that leads to a ledge that runs along the cliff face.  That ledge winds back to the north and eventually turns into a trail that leads back to the backyard of a couple of houses on Overlook.  I’m not going to give addreses, because I don’t think it’s fair to the current owners.  For as long as I lived on Overlook (and that was like 20 years) that ledge was known as Eagles Cliff.  As kids, we were always told to stay away from there (obviously we never listened).

Probably why I’ve never heard of it. Or used it. I’ve used the one off ambrose, that goes to rushbrook floats, but that’s about it.

It’s one of those things that if you don’t know it’s there, you’d never find it.  It’s not marked on either end, nor is it maintained.  It really is almost more like a game trail or something closer to that. 

Follow the sewer pipes. 

Yup, that’s what it does.  In fact, the pipe used to be exposed in some parts of the trail.  The City went in with a bunch of crush quite awhile back and covered the pipe.  Like I said, I haven’t been down that trail in years, so I have no clue what shape it would be in.