Eagles Cliff

The arrow points to the ‘dead end lane’ … am I right?  And where about is the cliff in the photo?

Yup, the arrow points to the start of the Overlook to Rushbrook trail.  The cliff, is right along the rail track.  The rock face runs from maybe the third finger float from the left all the way down to almost McLean’s Shipyard.  The ledge at the top that you can, or should I say could, walk is somewhere around the very middle of your photo.  If my memory serves, the section that was passable was maybe a couple of hundered feet and would run between the booming grounds and the last finger float at Rushbrook. 

It’s pretty hard to make out on the photo.  Even though it’s winter, it looks like it’s pretty forrested and a gentle slope.  That area is anything but.

I guess it’s approximately here

Okay, Okay, as a kid my friends and I  frequented Eagles Cliff. First off you have to be young and invincible to access it the way we did. first to get the right location, walk to the end of Rushbrook floats, don’t walk the fingers just to the beginning of the last finger. Look to the the rock face and look up. you should see a ledge at the top. thats the top of Eagles. Walk the trail and you’ll come to a place that if memory serves looks like a gravelly slide area. A the top of that area there were 2 ways to go to get to the top, right being the easiest way or left. I probably wouldn’t go ether way cause the last time was probably 25-30 years ago. Yes there were other ways to access it, but when I was super human those were the funnest.

The cliff face was also much more stable when we were all young and stupid enough to climb the path up the cliff from Rushbrooke trail to Overlook. To do it now would be suicide.

Better to stick to the game trail further down by the parking lot.

We used to call it spidermans crawl, a skinny little ledge that would drop right off to the bottom of rushbrook trail. STOOPID KIDS.

Funny memories. I remember a bunch of us sitting on a large branch that swung out over the area. When the branch would make a snapping, creeking noise we would giggle. If my children ever get caught doing such a thing they will be grounded for life :smiley:

Giggle Giggle…SPLAT!!!

That is, IF, they get caught. 


What about him?

Yeah, exactly Bubbasteve  :unamused:  I am sure he did not mean the great Greek doc, did he?  Hypocrite, that’s what he is, a HYPOCRITE  :smiley:  Not yelling, just emphasizing    :smiley:  LOL