Dudley's do nothing.........?

Well it’s been over 3 months, since my bite at the civic center and no charges!!..and we all know who we are talking about…as of that week-end Cst.Pettigrew filed 3 charges. 2 for the RCMP and 1 for me,and from then till now what has happened??? nothing Pettigrews charges dropped ,as she move to a new post??? and now mine!!! and 3-4 witnesess have been calling to make statements and they don’t call back and my calls go un-returned…The question to all that live in Rupert, Is why do we have a 2 tiered law system…there are so many in town who have had caused less problems and had to do classes for what ever, but a 3rd strike ( With booze ) Political figure gets walking papers evertime he Screw’s up…seems on unfair, or is legal to assault people???To the genral public feel free to get drunk, and just break any law you want…
Don’t get me wrong I have done stupid stuff also!! but, I had to pay the price each time I crossed the line, as should anyone who has a history of problems with Booze…But for the RCMP to just role over…man the corruption in this town.But if you want to see the E-mail of Pettigrews saying the charges are before the crown just mail me and I’ll mail it to ya  as proof…and now the buddy system?is at work??? 

It sounds to me that you need to embarrass the police into doing something about what happened to you at the beer gardens.  I don’t care if Tony is a city council which has control over the RCMP purse strings or not. It is apparent that he didn’t learn his lesson from the first time he assaulted an innocent person.  Since it is a sticky subject, you probably won’'t get any assistance from the Daily News, but you can put your concerns on paper and submit it to the Editor for everyone to read.  Maybe that will wipe that student, arrogant smirk off his face.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but come 2008, I will rally to unelect  him from his seat…

Smack by taking it to a public forum your just setting yourself up for some negative feedback.

Follow all the processes and keep notes. The Cheaps way, get ahold of the RCMP and ask for an update on your file. If nothing contact the top ranking member for an update. If nothing tehn try this site ag.gov.bc.ca/contacts/emailag.htm This would be a way of getting ahold of Wally Oppal our attorney general. You could try call his office as well.

The costly way, contact a lawyer to take on these tasks and perhaps get your case moving forward. You might want to discuss a civil suite. They usually end up settled out of court. A popular way for an individual to not have anything go on record. It would depend on what you want out of this, money or justice.

Taking it to a public forum won’t move anything forward any faster. May even get people to dig in their heels a bit more.

Assault in a public place + lots of witnesses = charges get dropped?

I thought that our system specified that no one is above the law.

Perhaps you should pursue a civil suit.

I guess Briglio should be glad this isn’t Houston.  Then it wouldn’t have been charges that the RCMP dropped.

So sad that you think this is true.  Sadder even if it is true.

I guess we don’t live in a democracy when the RCMP is concerned?  They don’t like public criticism?

Wee-smack, how about contacting the people at RCMP-watch?  rcmpwatch.com/

Sorry, but the RCMP is so against public accountability (this is why they always insist they should investigate themselves, for example) that the only way to get results is to go public and embarrass them.  Lots of examples of this recently, unfortunately.

Sadly, that’s the extreme opposite of what’s happened here.

You’re a real thread kill, you know that?

Sadly,yes I realize that.
In my defence, the last thread on this issue was shut down by request. One can only assume that with the history of digression and threads on this site we would end up in the same place.
Let it be known I would love nothing more than to go on a rant about or infamous councilor and his appetite for local citizens. I did such a post on the last thread about this.

My only thought for smack is it his issue and his issue alone. The rest of us are just curious onlookers. He should do the leg work to see it to an end. Would a large number of people enjoy taking up his fight for him. I’m one who would, but life has taught me not to take on anyone elses battles. Would I like a blow by blow description of whats going on, your damn right. If asked to help out I would certainly be there but only in a supporting role.

There will be supporters of both sides at some point the personal slams take place then you step in and off to the graveyard for another thread. I would like to remain an optimist but history has a way of repeating itself in all ways.

As a side note maybe one of our delightful traffic guys/gals might get a chance for advancement and be given this file to work. If they put in as much time with the file we should hear of a conclusion in say a couple of weeks or so.

I would call and ask for an update on the file.
Now I do remember hearing that SB or Wee Smack was seeking legal redress from the Councillor.
What stage is that at?  Was there an offer made?  Where she at Boi?

Well, that’s the problem at this stage. Criminal charges against the alleged assailant in question were dropped. As far as I know, there have not been any proceedings otherwise.

We’ll try to keep this one going, as long as it’s not about personal attacks, ok?

My only thought for smack is it his issue and his issue alone. The rest of us are just curious onlookers. [/quote]

I would respectfully disagree with you.  Criminal charges are public for a reason.  It’s one of the foundations of a democratic justice system – “justice must seen to be done” and all that.  If a member of our community should have been charged and wasn’t, then it’s still a public issue.  The crown lays criminal charges, right?  Not individuals. 

No, the RCMP should be doing the leg work.  That’s their job, isn’t it?

This is a criminal case, not a civil one.

So sad that you think this is true.  Sadder even if it is true.[/quote]

Sorry, that was not meant as a personal slam, but just a commentary on how we view the RCMP – ie: that we shouldn’t complain about them if we know what’s good for us.

Certainly not meant as a personal slam on you.

Please people, remember we live in Canada, a free speech country.  It is our right to speak out when we believe that someone is being wronged.  Sam deserves justice for what has happened to him.  Frankly, if the RCMP are intimidated by what we are sharing on this site, then maybe they need to step up to the plate and resolve this issue before the statue runs out and Mr. Briglio walks free again…

As far as I know there is usually some sort of notification to the victim, when no charges will be laid and the reason there of.
They will be elaborate of the reasons why no charges would be filed.
Makes me go hmmmm…wheres the paperboyz on this topic.

Well it’s been over 3 months, since my bite at the civic center and no charges!!..and we all know who we are talking about…as of that week-end Cst.Pettigrew filed 3 charges. 2 for the RCMP and 1 for me,and from then till now what has happened??? nothing [/quote]

Not being a lawyer, I can offer no direct advice. Speaking in generalities though I might mention that in Canada, Crown Counsel approve all charges before they are laid. The RCMP do the leg work to gather all the data. They then swear out an information (formal set of charges) and that information goes to Crown Counsel to have final say on if they go forward or not.

If a Canadian citizen were to want charges laid, and the RCMP or Crown Counsel were of no help to them, one might want to look into the swearing of a private information. I believe this process is available to anyone looking to charge someone with a criminal offense. I’m sure the internet would be a great resource to someone looking to lay a private information. Google might turn up sites like



bcrevolution.ca/filing_priva … cution.htm

or even


It would be a lot of work to prosecute someone privately so one might start off inquiring with the RCMP as to why the charges weren’t approved. From there one would go to the Crown Counsel to ask the same thing. Maybe along the way someone from those offices might offer to help.

Here’s to hoping…

Fair enough, but ultimatly it is the individual with an invested interest in the issue that should pursue avenues needed to come to a satisfactory conclusion. It is not to often someone else steps in to take on someones fight. Smack would need to ask the why’s or why nots about the charges and depending on the answers proceed from there. At some point it would appear he will need legal advice/guidance. We as the public can react in multiple ways, support, letters and without a doubt from this group, advice.

No offense taken. thanks for the clarification.

Heres to hoping for justice. It’s hard to be optimistic when there is such a grey cloud hanging over the system as a whole.

Instead, put your money where your mouth is and actually run.

Sorry I have been away for a couple of days, but I just might run for election.  I don’t think that I can do any worse than what we have there now…