Drug Dealer's

This is to all you DRUG DEALERS yes you know who you are. I was woundering when your kids grow to teenagers if you will be selling them your crack,coke,meth,pot what ever it is you sell I bet not, but you sell to our kids. I will tell you a true story when my daughter was 14 I got a call from a friend of her’s to tell me my daughter was at a house on 8th Ave East smoking crack. I called the local RCMP to let them know I was on my way to this house and suggested they sent a peace officer as I personally would not be responsible for my actions. What I was going to do I don’t know. The RCMP showed up and one went round the back of the house where 5 teenage girls where climbing out the kitchen window. The two vietnamese men were arressted one aged 28 the other 35 I  dont know what happend no one informed me, That was six years ago. At the moment I’m living across the street from not one, two, but three drug dealers I see teenagers and adults coming and going 24/7. We have a major problem in this town with the drug trade and it seems not much gets done about it. I know your innocent until proven guilty it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who the drug dealers are all you have to do is sit in my house for a day and night I’m sure half the drug trade in Rupert would be shut down. This message is to you drug dealers that sell to our kids do us a favor and take a overdose.

At least two people on HTMF spell wondering the same wrong way.

I was woundering if they were the same person :stuck_out_tongue:

The first one I noticed has a daugher but she’s more like 4 months. So either this post is a farce or they had the same teacher for their spelling bees. :smiley:

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Mapel, what street do you live on. :smile:

my last post implied i was looking for drugs, sorry. not the case. :blush:

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  I don’t think you have pissed off anyone and if so, then that is their problem! I agree the problems in our town are on the increase. We do have great people on the street attempting to make a dent and their  task is overwhelming but I admire and encourage their dedication. With the job I have, I am in contact with people under the influence of alcohol or their drug of choice daily and I hear drug deals going down and I too wonder what is happening and when will we see a difference, a decrease in these numbers. It is very frustrating to say the least. I have friends who will no longer even walk downtown as they are tired of the harrassment.  FYI…There is a public meeting at the Crest on Mon. June 25, an Aboriginal Community one from1-4pm and one for the general public from 7-9pm. I don’t understand the need to designate two separate meetings to discuss the same issues but I won’t beat a dead horse!  We should all attend, show our unity, our concern for the problems and the affects on our community and hope that in time, we will see a difference, especially for our kids for they are the ones that we need to feel the utmost concern . So, everyone, please show up, have some great questions and expect some definitive answers. We all deserve that. Enough is Enough…

As a parent one of my fears is that my child will be approached by a dealer.  Have you tried phoning the RCMP about the drug house?

I used to live next to a drug house. It was really tough to deal with. My car was broken in to 6 times in one year. I eventually went to see the RCMP and although they appreciated me coming in, they already knew about the house. They told me to be patient and trust that they are working on the problem. Months later there was a big drug bust that spread from Prince Rupert to Williams Lake. The people inhabiting the house were some of the people arrested.

There’s no way to know if this will happen in your case or any other, but often the RCMP are indeed working on the problem. They tend to go after the bigger picture though, instead of just busting one house which only moves them around to someone else’s neighborhood.

I am very happy to see that someone out there is or has expressed his or her concerns , as for calling the RCMP re. certain houses one must remember that there must be some form of investigation I believe. We do have houses all over town and we are limited with the proper number of officers. Many of us know who the main people are in this town , we can do many things such as take photos of the number of customers and ages , we can park in front of homes and build some pressure. We can lobby the court system to begin giving out some serious time . We may even be able to lock our kids up and then go out and do the vigilante thing but then we become as low as some of these dealers . There is so much crack in this town, it used to be call crack coke but it is not coke it is all kinds of poisons.But no matter what , yes we must act on this issue .

True Story, the cops really don’t like to bust people for selling, why that’s absurd you say, but the reality of it is that their after them but want to make sure they have enough evidence before they move in, and enough dope in the house. Also most of these guys who sell are little fish; they want the guy who has a shit load of dope or the grow-up guy, not the guy who has a few grams in his possession. I know a few people who have gotten busted, a few have gone to jail for a few months but are back selling again… And Crazy Mike I know its not your fault…lol….

So its all about educating our children, remember you too were young and experimented with the pot, Shrooms  or for some of you older posters it might have been LSD or shrooms I guess shrooms never loose there appeal.

Then again in some cultures drug use is not so frowned upon it’s only in western culture we see it as a problem like alcohol. Alcohol in western culture is again frowned upon, but in European culture its part of the social structure, kids are allowed to have a glass of wine at dinner. And alcohol abuse is unheard of except in Russia of course, but then again I too would be drunk all the time if I lived there……all kidding aside. I do believe like other posters Rupert has a drug and alcohol problem….

And Crazy Mike I know its not your fault…lol…[/quote]

No problem Astro. Most days I’m just a cross between an Inn-Keeper and a taxi driver. I’m either supplying them a place to stay, or driving them there.

DRUGS MAKE TO MUCH MONEY FOR THE GOVERNMENT!!! it will never be looked at as a real problem. i’m sorry but if you deal in the hard stuff there should be no slap on the wrist! hack the fuck’in arm off!!! we need to get rid of the tree huggin everyone has rights crap. live by the sword die by the sword, if you deal in death death shall be dealt to you, thats the problem now everyone wants justice as long as the bad guys do not suffer-hey there still people too. and for you dick heads that will try to twist this into what its not( NO I AM NOT GOING TO GO OUT AND KILL DRUG DEALERS ITS JUST THEY GET TO MUCH SLACK AND NEED TO SEE THAT ITS NOT OK TO SELL DRUGS!) and congrats on the self control mapel because i have kids to and if one of my kids was in a crack house they sure as hell would not have the cops knocking on the door! we need more cops that do there job and to hell with the big fish, if you save some kids or adults because the dealer is gone thats better than lots of hooked or overdosed people(and usually busted with the drug dealers) when they never needed to be. so to the ones that justify there actions as the greater good i say SHAME ON YOU!

You seriously blame the dug dealers for your daughter smoking crack?

Why dont you place the blame where it belongs on you and her. 

I have never smoked crack or anything other than weed you know why? because I was taught how bad it was and was smart enough not to partake.

I and many others were smart enough  not to smoke crack whats wrong with your daughter?

If you didn’t teach your daughter about drugs then its your fault, if you did its her fault for being retarded. 

At 14 I could think for myself and chose not to do crack so clearly theres either a lack of parental guidance or intelligence here (no offense) . 

Don’t get me wrong I don’t support drug dealers but its sure as fuck not their fault your daughter chose to smoke crack its hers, and possibly partially yours.

It’s only ok to push drugs if you have a few billion in your pocket right? stamp the name Pfizer on your pills and its good to go?  You really think that ritalin little johnny is taking is good for him? 

are you fucking retarded?

its not the drug dealers fault?

well lets go hang your parents cuz they did a bang up job with you! its ok to do pot right? ya pot cuz its sorta excepted right. well thats still a drug so its your parents fault for you doing it(and with your logic)your parent should be to blame? ooooo i see its the i don’t wan’t to take responsibility for my actions case ya ya i get it. ya your right its not the drug dealers fault those poor poor drug dealers always getting a bad rap. yes the kids or adults that do drugs are to blame also most times anyways (sometimes they have mental or emotional problems that make them easy prey for drug dealers) and they need to take responsibility for there actions too. in this day and age the courts and the bleeding hearts take almost all the power out of the parents hands and make it almost impossible when a kid hits there teens to steer in the right direction. long gone are the days when you got busted doing something wrong and you got ass whipped  with a belt(you learn alot from one strip of cow skin!)

its the parents fault?

are you fucking retarded!!

I thought I would get in here before this topic went to the wasteland, Anyways, You could be the best, most caring parent in the world and your child could still end up a useless druggie, Ever heard of a term Drug Pusher? Some give out free samples just to try to get them hooked and man do they ever get a lot! And Punisher you are right its a choice and the parents should try to talk to thier kids but man, Its a choice the kids make and I damn well hope they make the right one.

Oh Your quote under your name was made in the movie “Idiocracy” And It was the doctor who made the qoute.

Annual Causes of Death in the United States:

Tobacco  435,0001 
Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity  365,0001 
Alcohol  85,000 1 
Microbial Agents  75,0001 
Toxic Agents  55,0001 
Motor Vehicle Crashes  26,3471 
Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs  32,0002 
Suicide  30,6223 
Incidents Involving Firearms  29,0001 
Homicide  20,3084 
Sexual Behaviors  20,0001 
All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect  17,0001, 5 
Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin  7,6006 
Marijuana  07