Dog Groomer

I have been calling Jill’s grooming for a few days, today i got a message the phone was disconnected. Does anyone know if she is out of business?  I hesitate to take my dog to the guy in town only because my dog was abused by a guy and is pretty shy but i may have too.  Can anyone reccomend him or is their another female groomer in town?  I haven’t been able to contact Kim, the lady who used to sit cats and dogs either.  Is this another business gone?  Things are getting scary round this lil town.

Jills home number is 250 622 2847 she got a new cell phone. And  I forget what the new number is. Yes I was told that Ken broke a dogs leg terrible!

We have been taking our dog to ken for 3 years now,and have had no problems.
when we let him out of the van he runs right to the door.

Ken was very good with our dog and would take emergencies, we used another older lady once not sure the name and she wasn’t very professional.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Ken again.

Ken has always done an absolutely wonderful job with our scatterbrained golden, treating her gently and firmly and making her glossy and gorgeous.  I also don’t like to see the “I heard” or “I was told” line in regard to someone’s business like that.  That’s a pretty serious allegation.

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My experience with Ken as a dog groomer was not good. After taking our small and very friendly 7lbs dog to him, he said our dog needed to be sedated because the dog freaked out.
We went to the vet and got dope for our dog and proceeded to dope our dog up and took him almost passed out to Ken. A short while later we got a call from Ken saying that while he was grooming my dog who was almost passed out he nipped the dog and woke him up. We had to take our 1/2 shaven dog to the vet to get stitched up, and got charged 25 bucks for this.
The vet did not dope our dog up and said our dog was fine while getting groomed. We now go to Jill who has groomed our dog 5-6 times and has said our dog is no problem at all;furthermore, we find Jill does a much better job.

chooki that is so sad, glad you are happy with Jill.

Jill is an excellant groomer, but I did find it hard to contact her. Took a few tries to track her down.
I have known Ken for many many years, it was my preference to give him my business, but there is no way I would ever take any dog to Ken again.

I can’t walk my dog past Kenn’s place – he always wants to go in.  Kenn’s always been awesome with our (also crazy) golden retriever. 

I have been friends with Ken for over 35 years and I wouldnt think twice of trusting him with my dog, so chookie if thats what ken said happened then that is exactly what happened. Ken is a real kind hearted sensitive guy, I know this for a fact, I will never believe for a second he lied to you to cover his ass.

Where did I ever said he lied to cover his ass?
Jesus man,people read what they wanna read.
I think he did accidentally cut my dog,I never said he wasn’t a good guy and laughed about it.
I have known Ken for over 30 years myself, I live across the street from Jill and still went to Ken because I do think he is a good guy.
I did not have a good experience with him as a groomer.

How about the part where you say “Ken says dog needs to sedated” “vet says he doesnt and is fine while being groomed”, the implication is that he must have lied so dont try to play stupid with me or imply I’m reading something into your statement that isnt there, that IS what you posted is it not? I dont see anywhere in your post where you “laughed”, your post seems to be in quite a serious tone and with a very direct implication and it appears I’m not the only one who got that from it, we arnt reading things into it we are reading EXACTLY what you posted.

whatever dude,lol
Never said the vet said anything. Just stated that the vet said they had no problem with our dog who was very wide awake after being cut for 4 stitches.
You have a good day now sunshine.

You do know the dog could act different around the vet than it did with Ken right?

WHOA Chris J…and thanks Chookie for your post regarding your dog being injured during a grooming.  I imagine that happens fairly frequently at any groomers but none the less as I stated I want a female groomer as my dog has trouble with dudes and Ken sounds like he might be better with the big dogs. 

I have called the number posted only to get a message and have left yet another message…if this keeps up i will book in Terrace and drive the dog down on a Sat…if Jill is still in business she should be making some effort to get back to people. 

I also need to find a dog obedience class and get signed up for fall…mutt refuses to come when called and does not take treats so its hard to find a motivator for him. 

Thanks all…have a bright bright sunshiny day!

  Change treats, raw meat,fish,peanut butter. I have had excellent results with fruit strawberries,kiwi and she has never liked dog treats from the start. If you find what the dog craves it will listen. No comment on the groomer though our dog sheds a pound of fur a month,no joke.LOL

This make me mad!  Kenn has been grooming for quite some time and has made a career out of the love of his clients.  I can only guess that is why his business is called For the Love of Dog.  Maybe choocie’s dog was matted to the bone and became uncomfortable when he was being groomed.  Has anyone not combed their hair for a year and tried to detangle it…I say impossible.  Before anyone bad mouths anyone they should know the facts instead of “I heard”.  I hear a lot of things, but don’t post it on public forums to ruin what little business we have in town.  The best thing to do is if your not happy with the groom you get from the various businesses in town tell them and 99% of the time they will try and fix the problem. 

While I have no idea how Kenn is with dogs, I don’t take mine to him anymore either. My buddy previously took both his and my dogs to Kenn after we lost one groomer and tried a few others. The first time I took them they wanted to go anywhere but into Kenn’s. I mentioned it to my buddy and we decided to take them to Jill’s who they have no trouble with.

Kim was okay, the dogs liked her, but they were nicked in too many places for my liking.

To each their own.

Holy shit. Went to buy a Furminator in Prince George, are those things ever expensive!