Dining recommendations?

I have family heading up to Rupert for the weekend, any casual dining recommendations you would like to make?  :sunglasses:

Smiles as Usual  :smile: BUT since it is opening. Recommend supporting the Neptune  :smiley:

my favs are chances and oceanview. or they can try cow bay cafe and dollys both good and unique

Suprisingly, The Belmont has really good food. As does the Anchor Inn.

Breakers as well.

The crest! yum :smile:
And I’ll second the Anchor Inn  :smiley:

People knock it for the way it looks but the Westend is good, and LaGondola

Some great recommendations-thanks!

Best place for Chinese food?

Oh no, that’s a loaded question…


My vote is Galaxy Gardens.


  Stardust for Chinese food… the quality and service is exceptional.
The best breakfast is the Rupert Hotel… and the Anchor Inn for the halibut…better than Smiles, but the ambiance at Smiles is fun. Breakers Pub on the waterfront has great appies…mmmmm
  Are they coming up for Homecoming? The weather is supposed to cooperate…I hope they have a great visit here… cheers… :sunglasses:

dry garlic ribs at the crest are delish!! :wink: 
I kinda think stardust, galaxy and west end all taste the same… they’re all good :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, they are heading up there tomorrow, sunshine would be most welcome for them I am sure!

Cow Bay Cafe or Opa’s Sushi, fer sure!

Agreed.  Both are excellent dining experiences.  :sunglasses:

Opa is good, I wish they would Up size the California and dragon rolls though they always leave me wanting more. Adrian’s and her staff’s cooking is awesome, Me likey the cheese cake. I still think Westend is best for Chinese food, there Special wonton with shrimp meat is awesome.

Mmmm, my sis-in-law would love going back to Opa, I think we’ve talked about getting back there sometime.

Stardust/Galaxy Same old, sometimes you will get fresh cook, sometimes it takes like it sat there for an hour.  Opa is the only real sushi place, if you like sushi go there.  Smiles has good seafood but it feels like your sitting in the back of a 1960 car seat.  Zorbas verse rodhos pizza… If your hungry go to rodho’s if u want to wait and hour go to zorbas.  Gondola has good burgers, prices are the same as mc d’s now.  That lee and annes resturant is very under rated, order the right thing and you would be amazed.  Panago taste like cardboard, pizza hut get that anywhere… Or go to the crest, but you could save a few bucks and deep fry any of the frozen food at safeway for the same taste

One thing to remember about the Crest, is only go there if you’re not in a hurry. I’ve always found thier food decent there, but the food always takes forever to come.

Anchor inn has good burgers and home made pasta good prices too.