Dial up Diap up Dial up


Does anyone know how to change the settings for dial up? Mine keeps on disconnecting after 5 hours. I remember a few years ago, my connection used to stay on alllllllllllllllll night like it was viagra or something?

Does anyone know a solution.

thanks. :open_mouth:

Try going to Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Device Manager… button
Then expand Modems, select the modem you’re using for the connection, open its property sheet (double click), Advanced tab, Change Default Preferences… button, and under the General tab uncheck “Disconnect a call if idle for more than…”

Look, it’s Wilson!

Let me explain how HTMF works to you, ol’ pal. Generally, when somebody asks a question, just post something stupid and irrelevant. Observe:

*Does anyone know how to change the settings for ?

I changed your mother’s settings last night. In bed.

By the way, this is stapleton.

What the hell is “Diap up”? Something to do with babies?

it’s probably done by the server, to disconnect you automatically. in which case there’s no way to avoid it.

Just get broadband. Simple.

Citytel has a new cheap DSL, right? Anybody have details?

i’ve heard monarch cable is coming within the next couple of months.

Yeah, that was 4 years ago. I doubt it will happen unless the cost of bandwidth comes down a bunch soon.

I think I will stick with CityTel, their outages seem to be much less frequent. The speed seems to be getting better too.

This ma seem weird seeing as I started the petition to bring Monarch here… :unamused:

According to them, it doesn’t seem like any sort of change… citytel.net/internet/index.html

Yeah, apparently there’s a 256k (kbit or kbyte?) DSL service, supposedly cheaper that the full DSL packages. Aimed at current dial-up people. On my phone bill, it claims to be “4X” faster than dialup. I wonder how much it costs?

I bet its 256kbit, which is what… 32 kbyte?

I gotta say, Citytel has been working well for us this year. We had severe problems with our 1Mb and 4Mb connection for a year or two. Now we’re ont he ‘7.2Mb’… pfft whatever. It’s like a 1/2meg, but is rock solid and kicks ass over the other services they offer (other than the original 2Mb stuff). Stay away from the 1Mb Nortel setup, it’s good for nothing. We’re still not 100% happy… there was some confusion when they offered to give us the 7.2Mb, so we’re paying more than we expected… Once I leave, the parents will probably go back to the 4Mb Elastic Networks service.

I got the 8mb Gnet modem (which I bet is the 7.2) and it seems to work fine… Not too much to complain about only that sometimes Ii gotta restart my modem for it to work, which my router doesn’t like.

Mmm, 2MB.

IIRC, isn’t the “2-meg” service the only ADSL that Citytel offers?

I didn’t really pay attention in Cisco class, though.

I’ve got the 1/2 MB DSL from Aliant (formerly Newtel) and I’m very happy with it. Its only gone down twice in the 4 or 5 years that I’ve had it.

what do you guys pay for dsl? is it expensive where you live?

Just shredded my bill, but I think I pay $49? Something like that.

I have the old style 2 meg, which is hosting this site.

do they ding you traffic?