Demonoid anyone?

for anyone who wants one.


Bah, I was too late. that invite code was already used

bugger! anyone with another invite code can post it right here (!!!) lol

haha wouldn’t it be better to post invites by PM?

Can PM me if you want one. I think i can spare about 3 or 4.

what is so special about a demonoid invite??  I’ve heard it before but I dont get it  :stuck_out_tongue:

Demonoid is just another place to download movies,music,tv shows,apps etc…

It’s also got better torrents, cause your uploads and your downloads are tracked, and counted.

used to use demonoid years ago switched to mininova for years they broke that site so now i use extratorrent fulltime get everything i need there

yeah, I use isohunt too.

At differing times I have received trojans from mininova and isohunt. I do believe they were tied into the ads that rotate. x2 for uTorrent. Small data foot-print and fast.

By the way anyone torrenting should view this discussion…its about torrents and disk thrashing which is a very real threat to your HDD…I have a little knowledge in this area, and keeping your HDD constantly writing (you should increase the cache size or use a dedicated HDD imo) you can and will drastically reduce the lifespan of your hard drive.

Hard Disk Failure and Bittorrent

Yes,  the issue with non invite sites is anyone can put what ever on there and call it anything.  I am sure the same thing can happen with invite sites,  however if you wait it will come out in the comments for that torrent.

Hehe  :smile:

Could I get an invite please from someone?. My 4 year old account there suddenly vanished from their system since they’ve come back up… Ughhh

Cannot access some sites where I am right now, but seems from what I could read from the google page ( hardly accurate I know ) that Demoniod has some piracy issues and is said on afew to be run by the us government to catch pirates.  Someone might want to check this out a little more.

Isn’t it perfectly legal to download movies and other such things in canada? Maybe I’m naieve and stupid but yeah…

You CAN reverse engineer things in Canada to run on a PC. That means anything really.
Canada is revamping copyright laws however they’re not set in stone right now. Also Demonoid isn’t run by the US govt, and even if it were they’d be hard pressed to prosecute the American’s let alone any Canadian using it. After all all they do is host the actual .torrent file which is nothing more than a .txt file tracker. Demonoid doesn’t host software of any kind which is a legal loophole in itself and also the primary reason torrent sites are still able to function. Still need an invite by way of pm please someone!