Death on the Waterfront

Lots of police activity by the Kwinitsa station.  Apparently they found a deceased individual in a vehicle on the waterfront.  They took the body away awhile ago, but just had the vehicle towed in the last half hour.  People say it looked like a yellow small SUV or Jeep-like vehicle.

They had it wrapped in a tarp when it was pulled onto the flatbed towtruck.

Anything from the police scanner people???

heard it was a yellow hummer

Oh Oh I think I know who it may be but will jsut wait and see what transpires.

Here we go again for f—ks sake !! Why can’t we ever wait for the STORY before we start all the damn rumours especially this one. How many yellow Hummers are in Rupert everyone…?  :imp:  Give it a rest, the RCMP have already denied rumours of a body found in a car !!

They had it on the news a half an hour ago.  Not rumors. 

Then I apologize…I was going by the Northen Views Breaking News and the RCMP denial about the car  .Whatever happened, very sad…

yup…some of you just can’t wait  :unamused:

it was a yellow Toyota CJ the newer ones

Wrong - There’s no sch thing as a Toyota CJ.
Jeep CJ maybe. Toyota FJ maybe.

It is nice to see nobody posted pictures because I know what’s it like to have the news of a death in the family delivered by word of mouth, rather than someone who gives a crap.

The police did an excellent job of blocking off the scene both visually and physically.

From what I could see from a distance he/she wasn’t in the car, he/she was under the gazeebo.

I just read the Northern Views’ update and they have identified the male found to his next of kin. He was found by the Lightering Dock so until the facts are available, can we all for once, have some respect for his family and shut the hell up !! This friggin’ Prince Rumours crap drives me NUTS !!

this is the downside of living in a small community… unfortunately some people love to be the first to announce the unfortunate news, whether their correct in the delivery or not.


Great points JC but wrong topic    :confused:  Maybe Mig can fix that !

rumor has it that it was Dr Lindley that took his life? a dentist?

I just talked to him today.  Or maybe it was a ghost???

Purple Rain?  Great album. Deeply flawed movie.

It wasn’t Lindley, or Goljak, it was just another common Rupertite who has a mother, friends and family.

…  :wink: