Dave's Oyster Bar / Food Network in Prince Rupert

So, The couple who owns Envy and Concrete has bought the peglegs building and is opening a seafood/oyster bar restauarant!  And, the more exciting part is that they have been interviewed by and might be featured on HGTV!!!

Sounds delicious.  :smile:


This is great news!  It really is a great location and if the food is great and service is great, it should catch on.

I certainly will try it out!

Back to the topic BTW.

Best wishes to the owners of the soon-to-be-reinvented “Peglegs” seafood restaurant. I’ll try out their dishes as soon as they’re open for business and if I’m back in town for a visit.

You know if they’ll have non seafood fair? I’m allergic to seafood, but I do like to give new places a try.

Dunno, sorry.

I wish them all the best!!! she has maintained her business for years now she must be doing something right she is so personalable and a VERY hard working woman!!! Prince Rupert should be happy that there are still community members that have faith in our little town to give small business a go…I think shes gonna do awesome!

The Food Network is coming to Rupert! We just got word from them they will be in town on October 27th, starting to film the next day. The show is The Opener featuring David Adjey!!!

what show and what restaurant are they reviewing?

I’m guessing they’re reviewing your oyster bar?

I think I’ll pass on any shellfish after this continuing saga…cbc.ca/health/story/2010/10/ … sters.html

Good luck!

Where is your supplier located? I’m thinkin’ Haida Gwaii?

Congrats!! on the new adventure!! Wow! food network…as well! what a great way to get started! WITH A BANG!!

“The Opener” is a show that features the Chef (Dave Adjey) who assists a new struggling restuarant owner with the ins and outs of the biz,staff, menu, decor etc. at their expence. It is not a show that reviews restuarants so I wonder what business is in dire need of his help!! Lucky whoever they are ! Good Luck!

Congratulations guys!! This is super exciting, and I will definately be a customer!! good luck

Top of our wish list is a holiday that doesn’t involve family. And we both LOVE oysters… we just have to sneak past Terrace unnoticed.

Oh, I’m soooo happy that it’s all working out! Sooo cool!

Yeah for these guys. Food Network heh, that is impressive! Please keep us up to date on the day it is supposed to air on TV, it will be fun to watch…and see the locals who happen to be in the Oyster Bar at the time of filming…good on ya!

Is anything happening with the Oyster Bar? Any scoop on the Chefs’ arrival?


Is anything happening with the Oyster Bar? Any scoop on the Chefs’ arrival?[/quote]

One of my facebook friends just posted that they met David Adjey from the show “The Opener” at the Crest this evening.