Cruise Ship Season

So it’s almost that time again!  What are those poor passengers going to do in Rupert?  Is there even going to be a Farmer’s Market this year?

One positive thing to note – those banners on the street lamps look nice, almost as if somebody cares about this place.

      Off to work Thurs a.m., via Mcbride and 11th ave, and as we drove into town I was sooo pleased to see the banners up. They are beautiful… just made my morning.
Today at work another employee had mentioned them, and it brightened her day too… this is a simple ( I know it was alot of work) but easy way to brighten up our city. I still feel there should be more murals around town, like Chemanius on Van. we have so many talented artists in Rupert…

There were only 8 booths last year and 3 or 4 were photos and 2 were from Terrace.  The “chat” around is that it really was not worth the time after the first couple of dockings.  I hope there will be something for them to do, maybe they could walk up and down 3rd. and count the number of closed stores :imp: I wish we could go back to when the first ships came in, remember we had vendors down at Mariners Park and the Native Dancers greeted everyone.  It was fun for us and a special greeting for the passengers.  Now, Mariners is dug up and the Dancers haven’t been around to meet and greet for the last few years. Very sad!

This all seems rather familiar, for those folks that remember the last time the Cruise ships were courted was during the Lester years and after a few years they stopped arriving as there wasn’t much for passengers to do and the community seemed to lose its focus on the idea .

You have to hope that history isn’t starting to repeat itself.

Well said codybear933 and Smurfette :smiley: :smiley:.

I would be surprised if any passengers come off the boat this year, they wont be spending money if they do, nothing here for them to buy :imp:

  only one cruise per week… arriving on Thurs. at 4pm and pulling up anchor at 10pm.
What do we have to offer at those hours, accept the boat cruises a bus tour??
kinda minimal excitment, not much money going to be dropped…hmmmmmmmm
AJAYE… can you dance and hold a tune dude ???

  only one cruise per week… arriving on Thurs. at 4pm and pulling up anchor at 10pm.
What do we have to offer at those hours?[/quote]

There’s a really cool parking lot for them to wander through on the way to Safeway to stock up cheap sodas.  Go2 all around!

Perhaps the city can look at capitalizing on having a couple of the RCMP in their red serges and revenue from posing for photos for those tourists who remember Due South.  :smile: 

They already do that !! The Chief Inspector (I believe) is always down there for photo op’s the day they arrive but they need a horse !!    :smiley:  I don’t think they charge for the pics though!

But…they could get it in if they’re willing to wait!  :smiley:

Hmm not many horses around, would a llama work?

there is word that the market will be held in the mall parking lot, and the cruise bus will run later. i hope we get more vendors!

Perhaps if we know what is happening with Tourism PR and if the information is actually being passed on to the tourists.  Just when the ships were coming, the comments including asking why so many Mexicans were here?  

Education is the key and not sure exactly how PR Tourism is portraying PR.  With resources funding this avenue, perhaps taxpayers need to know what they are getting for their money?

Step aside City Hall and Charles Hays (statute), the Llamas are here!!!  

Down to one ship a week.

Stores closing on a monthly basis?

I doubt they will stay here.  Maybe the go to Nanaimo or Campbell River.

Way more to do.

This situation is so sad.  Here we are, given an opportunity, and it goes by, wasted.

really bad…

some peopke invested alot of $ in their businesses in anticipation of a healthy cruise market in Prince Rupert.

The cruise ship market in Prince Rupert is sinking …

Blame that on City Council or lack there of.  Heads up their asses, as always  :imp:  “Rumour” has it that this could be the last cruise ship season, as mcsash posted, there is talk that they will dock in Nanaimo in the future.  I really don’t know how all this disintegrated in only a few years, from welcoming them with the vendors at Mariners and the Native Dancers, even Pond made his walk through for his meet and greet to inviting them to basically nothing.  I have never seen the Mayor down there either.  It’s shameful, for sure. Hopefully, at least, the charters are making a few dollars.

It is truly sad. A 9 million dollar dock and wonder what the plans will be for that? Taxpayers again put in 3 million.  My question, exactly what are we getting for a budget over $100,000/yr PR Tourism?  Where are their reports? Yes I see Bruce’s write ups in the Daily News but is that it?  :blush:

As for the Mayor showing up down at the cruise terminal, does someone have to give him an invite? Just a question…

I don’t think the tourists really give a damn if they see the Mayor or not.  From what I’ve heard, they want to shop and see wildlife.  Basically, they want to be entertained.

Didn’t the city have a licensing fee for user groups to have a booth/kiosk at Mariner’s Parka few years back?  The food booths had to follow the food safe practices, profit was minimal but, yet, the city still wanted their pound of flesh.  No wonder the community groups are taking a back seat.  I loved being able to get a shish kebob once a week on cruise ship day instead of once a year at Seafest!